Hpv Cervical Cancer Symptoms

by Rachel on June 30, 2010

I survived a rare cancer called aggressive small cell carcinoma of the cervix or the CCC. Symptoms of HPV is a rare form of cancer of cervix cancer and small cell property is not uncommon in the liver, lungs or brain, it is extremely rare, if it starts in the womb .

My goal of this paper is, women who were diagnosed with the disease, find the information they want (there is almost nothing about it on the web using) and give them hope that trip like me.

First, let me start with any recall, that I am not a doctor and I do not have all the answers. This information I could find on my own and asking questions. Find your doctor before making any assumptions about your diagnosis or prognosis. We are all different and react differently to treatment. What’s good for me and my body was, can not be what you need. This is a starting point to get from one place to read about someone who survived. My desire is to be able to give you hope to achieve with this trip and out the other end free of cancer. I hope you find this article useful.

As I said, I asked. Where I live, they had a difficult time of my diagnosis of cancer, as never before by one of the doctors that the analysis I have seen. Cancer of the cervix, as we all know the pub HPV out there, are generally caused by this sexually transmitted disease. They even have a certain voltage (HPV-18) which is not as common as other HPV is linked to the CCC. However, I have not had any form of HPV. I used all my exams and Mrs 10 months (no sign of something wrong) and I was not expected for another two months more. This is how fast and aggressive cancer. Unlike other forms of cervical cancer takes years to develop and can be passed between the time the PAP abnormal returns, there were no such signs. cancer in women has tilted in my biological family, so I was very stubborn about all my medical appointments. I was under a tremendous amount of stress for some time and we were in the midst of moving back to our hometown, when I noticed the symptoms began. I had a discharge. There was no odor and no color, and it is very rare, and caused me no problems. I asked a friend in the field of health care, what she thought and she said it could be hormones or stress. I rejected as I had to deal with more pressing problems. Two months have passed and the discharge was more frequent and have an odor. I was at home, so I decided to go see my doctor true and trustworthy. Not a moment too soon. I did not have irregular bleeding or pain during intercourse. I understand that some of the symptoms that other women have suffered. I had a huge tumor in my black. He began to kill the tissue and appeared to be well advanced. I had several PET-CT and MRI next week. I searched and searched the Internet for information while I waited for the pathology to come back and tell us what form of cancer of the cervix was. There was an article on the CCC, but I was not looking at the time. All about the most common forms of cancer do not fit. I have been faithful to my wife many exams each year. Something would be before they are posted. Maybe not, but I thought it was far from where they were presented the most common variety. I went back and found an article on the CCC and it was not requested in this form.

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It was. Because all the doctors who examined me (4 total) have not been able to see the difference between the tumors had me tired. Not so much on their ability to treat me, but I felt that if she is never seen or dealt with him, would, as they always know how to treat them. I tried again to find the first article, I had never met. I have read carefully this time. The prognosis was terrible. This is not me 5 or 10 years, he basically said that I had one or two years and almost no chance of recovery. We did not know much about the disease. Because it is so rare, there was really no information about them and nobody could give me a good (or bad prognosis). What my doctors said I was still young and strong, and they fight alongside, to take what I could. If I could get rid of completely, the first time I had a good chance to survive. If I went without cancer 18 months mark could remain after the end of my treatment, I had a great chance of cure.

I went and did some research in the small cells of the liver, lungs and brain. What I found that it responded well combined chemotherapy with radiation. My doctors, of course, already knew and that was the plan. The only thing that was hanging heavy on my mind surgery. The usual plan of attack for all cancers of the cervix has been cured of a hysterectomy first, then begin treatment. But if the small cell, has been in other places, no surgery was performed, the patients walked right into treatment. Remember, this cancer is aggressive and fast moving. Women in the article I read. . . . . It was not a good decision, all had undergone a hysterectomy at first. I do not want a hysterectomy. I asked my doctor the day we discussed my treatment plan, “Would you run if this small cell of the liver, lungs or brain? His answer was” no. “I did not have hysterectomy and although there is no medical evidence to support my feeling for this, I believe that this decision saved my life. As I said, check with your doctor. I am not someone say, have not resulted in a hysterectomy. For myself…. he was right. I think we finally have everything in me that the probability of recurrence is in this area.

It was 18 months after the end of my treatment. It has about 17 months since I am officially “cancer” for free. My next PET-CT will be in November and then, if I am still “cancer-free, I’ll definitely beat the odds. It tells me that this type of cancer, as the target return and is generally 6 -18 months after treatment. Well, OK…. I’ve already won. But he could return at any time. The doctors want me cancer free for five years. Some information says that three years. But, for me…… Even if her back… I’ll fight again… and I want to win, I have no expiry date, and I can not allow statistics to dictate my survival. They make progress every day. They hit me with everything my body could and there were days I could barely get out of bed. But I’m fine now. Recovery treatment was rough, but whatever, I’ll do it again if I should. I intend to remain cancer free, but I want everyone to know that this attitude is the key to survival. Keep your chin up up. Stronger than cancer. It’s just a “thing” and you’re a human being. They are more powerful than anything you can come your way. Dig deep and find strength in you.

Because this disease is so rare, I found myself feeling alone and isolated. I could relate to women with other female cancers, but only to a certain level. Nobody did what I had. There was so much uncertainty with this disease, I understand that nobody could have felt concerned. When I first diagnosed, I found a forum called cancer compass on a website. com. I went back to the message board a few months ago. Women and members of the family who had since the publication are not around. I have read and see that some did not survive and perhaps others, I think, had moved just wanted not to think about. I got a message saying “I am here and cancer free.” A few months later I heard another woman who was also without cancer about a year since the end of their treatment. We started sending each other e-mail and we are good friends. Our life is very similar but very different at the same time. She has not had a hysterectomy, either, but there are more similarities than our birthdays are on the same day. His name Melanie. I live in California and Michigan, but I can say things that I never said aloud. I am grateful for her and she is grateful for me.

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