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by Rachel on July 3, 2010

Sometimes this task is very difficult to undertake, most of the time, it seems almost impossible. HPV-treatment are still so often, a light shines, and we just run right into that “something good.” Before you even know what happened, you are the best cards you have. It can be seen a few glances other hand, this wonderful gift survived a terrible tragedy, you’ve arrived.

But once your eyes are open, the world is at your feet again. My survival of small cell neuroendocrine cervical cancer is a miracle in itself because it is so rare with poor prognosis and aggressive and a. But the gift I’ve given since my diagnosis, my talents to use and is the most important thing and the best that could ever come from this negative experience.

In my last article entitled “My survival of small cell cervical cancer,” I touched on a number of things started to happen since my diagnosis and subsequent recovery and forgiveness due. I am now free of cancer is a terrible disease that most often takes its victims in the grave. Just as cancer is launching a major thing that came from surviving the CCC, but what has happened over the last six months of my life is even greater.

I began to feel more than I did in May 2008, more than a year after the end of my treatment. But I had not worked for some time, the children were older and had more self-sufficient, not only by age but by the circumstances of their lives. I do not know what to do with me. I had no idea which direction to take. But I knew that God holds for me not to “no” reason. Yes, I think I was spared. . . . blessed, if you want. Do not get me wrong, I’m working. . . . but never alone. Even if I knew something was expected of me, I had no idea what. I always felt alone and isolated by the rarity of the disease and I had no one to connect to, I feel in my circle really understood how I struggled with this idea. I think I fell into a depression at the time of the case. I thought I did nothing. I felt better from the treatment, but I had to do with their countless different question. I had infections in my body that will not disappear. Each time I left home, I took some sort of bug and spent the day with my head in the toilet. I was weak and tired, and added to my state of mind of confusion and memory loss as to deepen the fear, I do not want to do something before this cancer came back and knocked me down. I was not really happy. I was stuck in a new location.

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One day, I opened my e-mail and it was a messagel a person I do not know. She got me on a bulletin board containing the cancer. It was also SCCC and surviving cancer free for over a year. This led me to my feet in a moment. There was one survivor that I will not. I could not believe it and I was fascinated. I replied back. We clicked immediately. Although we may have very different lifestyles, we were very close to the personality. Occasionally, I read about their e-mails in the night and cry. I did that I was not alone in this cry. I always had my family and my friends and never really alone, but it was different. It was for me a way we could never be connected. Her name is Melanie Cummings (Mel) and I knew she would be in my life forever. We quickly realized we were both together for a greater goal, so we started brainstorming.

There were a few websites on the Internet, the possibility to join message boards or to find a match you can correspond with that was offered to the fight against cancer or the same situation as you. But each of them required the registration of your personal information and all required waiting periods. The forums do not allow the exchange of personal emails, so it was difficult for others to connect on an intimate level. Although we realize that these sites had implemented these security measures to protect their users against fraud, we also felt that people were in our case we look for immediate answers to their needs more important and increasing the answers and support. We thought that perhaps not many people use or rely on the satisfaction of this site, because it sought to delay or lack of privacy, as the fight against cancer is very intimate. We have therefore decided to create a site design for this specific purpose. We streamline the process by requiring only a name, a description of their situation, and what they sought in the form of support or information. We others who have written and have been consistent in our database. We do not know that the personal information and feel with the response time for those in search of our situation. We built the site and called “Cancer Comrades” cancercomrades. Com.

Since its founding, we have received emails from people in the United States and Canada and the United Kingdom. We read stories of survival for many types of cancer are to and from friends and relatives of those who provide diagnosis, their anxieties and sadness and need support and information. The site has been taken to a life of its own and gave us a lot of people we could help. The other day I was thrilled, an e-mail waiting for us by a woman in New York who had just completed for the treatment of SCCC and was free of cancer and find. That makes three now! Before this site, I was alone, and now I had two beautiful women with a common ground. Not someone to sit and wallow in our diagnosis, but “brothers in arms” from our side and fight, whatever happens. It is also the CSCC and cervical cancer of all kinds a voice and be heard.

When I read this article that I wrote, I see a lot of good things came out of this a bad thing, and I am truly blessed. I always say: “I intend to be a positive force everything on this earth.” I think I’m on my way. I found my purpose beyond the obvious to be a good mother, loving wife and decent person. I do what I do given the talent. Use to heal my voice, my words and my art. Medicine is a means, but comfort is the support and encouragement to heal otherwise.

Mel and I intend to keep this going strong. We intend our message to the public and we are still involved in raising money to find a cure for SCCC and all cases of cancer of the cervix. There are no limits to our abilities and it is still strong. But remember, no matter what tragedy has struck you. . . No matter how deep it can kill you. . . . there is always something good in something bad. Thank you for reading.

Colleen Marlett

“I will be a positive force while on this earth.”

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