HPV Cure: What is it?

by Rachel on June 2, 2010

Once you have the HPV infection, there is no known cure for it. In many cases, depending on the load you’ve been through those infected, the virus run its course and his body is clear that in recent years. But for some types of HPV, it will be a bit more complicated because they depend to weaken the immune system and tend indefinitely or may be vulnerable to other serious diseases. But while there is no treatment for HPV itself, there are treatments for specific symptoms or conditions that caused the disease.

If you develop warts, for example on the hands or feet, t hey can often be easily and successfully treated by prescription drugs against warts. Or you may want your doctor to remove it for you. Many people simply allow ordinary warts on his way and make it disappear. It is important to know that if common warts will disappear or delete the virus may still be present in your body for a while. Again warts, and often require several treatments before you do not see the signs to hold more. Genital warts work the same way. There are medications your doctor can help to clear genital warts. They often require a new treatment several times, and more than once. In the vast majority of cases, the incidence of genital warts are not that you are at risk of cancer. The strains of HPV can cause genital warts, which are generally not the charges associated with cancer.

If you are one of the causes of HPV, cancer, you do not know for years. Therefore, if you sexually active at any time in your life, you need continuous and regular medical examinations for conditions related to HPV. In this sense, HPV-treatment is a continuous process, it is important for women is the Pap smear regularly during their annual gynecological exam have any signs of changes in the cells of the cervix, which indicates that cancer can verify. In the early stages of cancer of the cervix is very treatable with minor surgery and minimal risk.

According to the Centers U. S. for Disease Control, approximately 12,000 women annually diagnosed with cervical cancer. In at least 70% of these cases, HPV is responsible, and the patient was carrying the virus without knowing it, for several years. Since there is no medical examination for admission to the HPV status, these patients are always aware that they carry strains of HPV that cause cervical cancer.

While the particular strains of HPV, serious health conditions are not common cause, the cancer risk is sufficiently serious that it is important to learn about HPV and learn what you can do to prevent the danger.


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