HPV? education????

by Rachel on May 8, 2011

it’s been know now about HPV. human papilloma virus. i knew about it back in the early 90″s so why is there so much hype now? i don’t understand why the media and sex ed people are putting it on the map now when it was an issue when i was 16! what gives, but i mean i had a mom that preached sex ed every 5 min, making me nuts but others haven’t been so fortunuate. i had to go with a best friend of mine and stood with her for the surgery they did – outpatient. so why now is everyone so in the dark about this and now it’s a big deal when it was so important to women before?????

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Joe C May 8, 2011 at 2:42 pm

Because they’ve come out with the stupid PC vaccine that they now want even push on children.

kangol_man73 May 8, 2011 at 3:42 pm

It’s more of an issue now because there is a vaccine that can stop most forms of the virus. Christian right wackos don’t like the idea of their daughters getting this vaccine even though it could save them from geting cervical cancer.

Princess May 8, 2011 at 3:47 pm

CERVICAL CANCER. My best friend got cervical cancer when she was only twenty six! She had to have part of her cervix removed, and they did a biopsy on it. Then they had to take more out a second time. Now she has to go to the doctor every six months to get checked out. It is a total nightmare for her, and she has NOT been around sexually at all. In fact she is married. But her doctor said she got it when she was eighteen or nineteen, and it takes that long for the virus to cause cells to become malignant. I think the reason for the hype is that now they have linked two or three strains of HPV to cervical cancer, and they have a vaccine for it now too. A lot, a lot, a lot of people have it too. Think of everyone you know who has had an abnormal pap smear-that is usually the reason why and they don’t even know it. People really need to know about this! The sooner a person finds out that they have it the easier a pre-cancerous condition is to treat. If they are like my friend and waited too long until it actually became cancer then they have to go through all of that.

Lost In Vast May 8, 2011 at 4:22 pm

Did you notice how all of those advertisements to raise awareness came out about 6 months BEFORE the HPV shot was released to the public?

All the hype was merely an advertisement (cough-scare-tactic!) strategy hidden within commercials seemingly aimed to pitch “genuine concern” toward young women and cervical cancer. It was actually just a way to frighten people into investing in the vaccine when it was so conveniently released after those series of commercials aired.

It’s all about money.

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