HPV Genital Warts Essential Reading

by Rachel on August 13, 2014

Human Papilloma virus is the reason why genital warts appear, and it’s a very common STD; in fact statistics show it is the most popular out of any sexually transmitted disease. HPV Genital warts can appear on any part of the body that has had any physical contact with an infected person. These areas can range from the genitals, throat and mouth, and may look like small bumps or a cluster of tiny bumps.

HPV is often undetected since the symptoms do not always appear; as a result, months or even years can go by without showing any signs of genital warts. Since there are no signs, but the virus is still present, the infected person can pass on the virus to others during this time.

This is why it is important for women to actually have annual check ups to check for any issues or abnormalities. If found, your doctor will offer a variety of treatment options to help with getting rid of your HPV genital warts.

If warts are found during a physical, the doctor will often provide you with immediate solutions depending on how severe the breakout is. These treatments can be in the form of medication or providing you with a schedule for removal using other options such as laser treatment or even surgery.

These warts can be really irritating due to their location and size, and in some cases it can be painful as well. A person with HPV genital warts usually experience burning and itching and even bleeding while having sex.

There are ways you can go about preventing HPV genital warts or at least help to reduce your risk. One way of doing this wearing a condom during intercourse. However, although it can be serious there are many solutions out there that can help clear them. If you are no tin a position to use the expensive surgery route there are some great natural products available.

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