HPV Infection and Disease

by Rachel on June 10, 2010

grow from 10 million cases of cancer each year worldwide, more than 15% estimated to be attributable to infectious agents. Infection with human papillomavirus (HPV) represent about 30% of these cancers, hepatitis B and C viruses and Helicobacter pylori, together accounted for another 60% of cancers with an infectious etiology.

HPV infects the stratified squamous epithelium of the skin and mucous membranes, where they cause benign lesions, some of which have the potential for progress have invasive cancer. HPVs are small non-enveloped viruses, including approximately 8-kb circular genome encodes two structural proteins, L1 and L2, which form the viral capsid and several nonstructural proteins that are important to the life cycle of the virus, but are not incorporated into virions.

To determine the infection, micro-trauma or erosion of the overlying epithelium is thought to allow cells HPV infect basal epithelial layer, where stem cells and other cells in the long term. To determine the infection, the virus infects basal epithelial cells, which are of long duration or properties like stem cells. Strain suprabasal epidermal cells probably allows the virus to infect cells of the basal layer.

The viral genome is maintained as an episome in the basal cells, where viral genes are expressed poorly. Viral replication occurs in suprabasal and is linked to the process of epidermal differentiation. The virus has caused morphological abnormalities of the epithelium, including papillomatosis, parakeratosis and koilocytosis. virions are released into the ESC desquamated.

HPV infections tend to take months or years, since the viral genome successfully parasitized cells and because the virus escapes the immune system by the majority of viral gene expression and viral replication suprabasal cell layers. Most infections are self-limiting, probably because the host eventually mounts an effective immune response.

Benign lesions induced by HPV and anogenital warts are non-genital, oral and laryngeal papillomas and anogenital warts of the mucosa. Progression of a benign cervical cancer, invasive cervical cancer. Infection with oncogenic HPV, especially HPV16, may order a condylomatous benign, low grade dysplasia, or sometimes even a lesion of high quality early.

Carcinoma in situ is rare for several years after infection. The result of the combined effects of HPV genes, particularly those encoding E6 and E7, which are both preferred to keep the viral oncoproteins and expressed in cervical carcinomas are the integration of viral DNA into the host DNA and a number of genetic and epigenetic changes in cellular genes. HSIL, high grade squamous intraepithelial lesion, LSIL, low grade squamous intraepithelial Lesne.

anogenital infections are almost always sexually transmitted. the long-term infection by a subset of HPV can lead to malignant tumors, anogenital region, including cancer of the anus, penis, vulva, vagina and cervix. A proportion of oral cancer is also caused by HPV. Although HPV infection has repeatedly limited with esophageal cancer and skin cancer, a common causation, even if they brought in the plausible, is even rarer.

Most physicians use cautery or freezing as a first option to cure genital warts. Unfortunately, the success of this method is achieved often temporary, and the warts soon. For genital warts, treatment may include surgery under excise or burn them. be used after surgery or chemical acids, we can expect a scar in this area.

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