Hpv Infection In Men

by Rachel on May 20, 2010

Most information on the HPV virus is focused on women as the virus increases their risk of developing cancer of the cervix. But the HPV virus in men can cause health problems, too. It is aimed at men, how to reduce the risk of HPV infection important. HPV infection may increase the risk of a man genital cancers, although these cancers are not common. HPV can also cause genital warts in men than in women.

More than half of men who are sexually active, the United States will have HPV at some point in their lives. Often, a man without health problems of the virus on its own good. The types of high risk HPV that can cause cancer only very rarely symptoms in men or women can. Genital warts are the first symptom you with strains of low risk HPV types that cause warts, but can not see cancer.

Abstinence is the only sure way to prevent transmission of HPV. Risk can be reduced if only one person having sex with a person who is not infected and who have also monogamous. To reduce the risk of transmission of HPV, men are partners and the number of sexual partners and selection, has little or no partners in the past. Condoms may offer some protection against transmission of HPV.

Unfortunately, they are not 100% effective, since HPV is transmitted primarily by skin to skin contact. The virus can infect the skin uncovered by the condom. In a recent study of young women who had become sexually active, those whose partners used condoms every time they had sex were less frequently infected with HPV than women whose partners used condoms less than 5% of time to obtain.

How to detect HPV infection in men? To diagnose genital warts in men, the visual inspection of a physician skilled in the genital area to see if the warts are present. Some doctors apply a vinegar solution to identify warts that are not raised and visible. But the test is not infallible. Sometimes normal skin is mistakenly identified as a wart.

There is no routine test for men, for high-risk strains of HPV that can cause cancer under consideration. Some doctors urge anal Pap tests for gays and bisexual men at increased risk of anal cancer caused by HPV. In anal Pap test, the doctor collects cells from the anus, and then examined in a laboratory abnormalities.

There is no treatment for HPV infection in men in the absence of symptoms are present. Instead, doctors treat the health problems caused by the HPV virus. When genital warts, see a variety of treatments can be used. The patient can apply at home prescription creams. Or a doctor can surgically remove or freeze the warts.

Early treatment of warts is not recommended by some doctors because genital warts can disappear on their own. It may also take the time to attend all the warts. Such a person, warts treated as soon as they can show a different treatment need later. Anal cancer with radiation of chemotherapy and surgery. Specific treatments depend on the stage of cancer.

HPVCurative cure is a new very efficient and powerful for genital warts. It is noted cures for his role in the field of genital warts, and the total clearance of the infection and over again. It contains organic plant extracts and anti-viral essential oils, the ability, as a remedy against HPV have shown in laboratory certified to act.

HPVCurative contains organic extracts of antivirals that are licensed in the proven ability to not only act as therapeutics against HPV, but also stimulate CD4 T cells to clear virus-infected cells. Sun HPVCurative eradicate genital warts without recurrence, which is better than other treatments for genital warts.

This allows low molecular weight lipophilic and tend to cure HPV, DNA in the membranes of infected cells, in which the HPV virus is intertwined. HPVCurative is also effective in the treatment available against HPV, since it contains not only the plant’s most potent organic extracts of antiviral drugs, but is well tolerated, tissue and genitals.

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