HPV study from Heidelberg Germany?

by Rachel on April 15, 2011


according to this study, in a control group of sexually active and non-active girls, the percentage of Human Papilloma Virus was the same in both study groups. Therefore, doesn’t that prove that HPV is NOT always passed during sexual contact?

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Gumdrop Girl April 15, 2011 at 11:17 am

Reporting biases are a tricky thing. Here you have a study group of women who are in the clinic for pre-marital examination, in CHINA no less. And you’re expecting them to be totally truthful about their sexual history???

Besides, the researchers grouped study participants into “had sexual intercourse” and “did not have sexual intercourse.” You can acquire HPV without sexual intercourse (coitus). Sexual rubbing without penetration (frottage) can spread the virus just as easily.

I can’t access the whole journal article, so I can’t critique it beyond what I saw in the first page.

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