Hpv Symptoms ? Exploding The Myths

by Rachel on May 12, 2010

Perhaps the most important point to notice symptoms of HPV is that in many cases, there is not! Men and women in one strain of HPV that leads to genital warts, or worse, cancer of the cervix, no signs or symptoms of lead whatsoever. However, they can lead an active sex life and unknowingly transmit the virus to a sexual partner after another. In fact, the most common strains of HPV, cancer of the cervix are placed in context with the slightest chance of showing any symptoms for many years. Between 3000 and 4000 women die each year from cancer of the cervix, which is often curable if detected at an early stage. Medical researchers believe that this number is so high because most women have no idea they have cervical cancer until it is too late. Remember that whenever you have sex with a new partner you have sex with all partners they had before with all stakeholders and partners … ad infinitum. So, before you swear sex for the rest of your life, we examine some of the misconceptions and myths HPV. The truth about HPV * Some 250 individual strains of HPV have been identified, but few of them lead to disease problems – genital warts in males and females, and cancer of the cervix among women. * Genital HPV is spread only through sexual contact or a very small number of cases by oral sex with a partner who is already infected. You can not catch HPV from a toilet seat or sit where someone else who has the HPV was seated. * If you find that you have genital warts, it does not necessarily mean that your current sexual partner a person who is given to you. In most cases, the strains of HPV, genital warts can lie dormant in your system for many years before an outbreak is causing. A more realistic scenario is that you are one who has been involuntarily genital warts disclosure of your sexual partners even if you were blissfully unaware of its existence and later they will have their current partner for the transfer of virus to blame if, in fact, it was you. * Contract the HPV does not mean you’re promiscuous. You should only have one sex to be infected by the virus. Of course, you run more frequent and unsafe sex, the more likely you will eventually come into contact with HPV, or that of a number of other sexually transmitted diseases. So the logical solution is to always practice safe sex, especially if you have a new sexual partner. Not only a latex condom to prevent the symptoms of HPV and other sexually transmitted diseases will prevent unwanted pregnancies. * In summer, this treatment against HPV for genital warts are not a panacea. Even if the warts are gone, you still have the virus, which means that you can your partner at any time now or infected in the future. * The vaccine against HPV is assumed that all known strains of HPV that cause cervical cancer can be avoided in women. However, there is no guarantee against cancer of the cervix in girls and women to prevent who were sexually active before vaccination. * The jury is still so uncircumcised men are more likely to carry the virus. Although a number of statistical studies showing that partners of uncircumcised men are produced at higher risk of contracting HPV strains that cause cancer of the cervix, many doctors believe the statistics are flawed . Each individual is at risk of HPV and HPV symptoms display. The most effective way of having to protect themselves through safe sex practices and knowledge and understanding as much as possible about HPV, HPV HPV symptoms and treatments.

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