HPV Symptoms – What to Look For

by Rachel on June 14, 2010

HPV infections are often overlooked because they show no signs of warts or other skin changes. Even if you have no symptoms of HPV, it can then be released and you can infect other people. It does not matter if you have symptoms of HPV or not, all will be involved on the type of HPV infection. There are many different species or types of HPV, HPV commonly called “tribes”, and some of them are linked to genital warts, genital warts, but often are not displayed. Genital warts – the warts are benign and appear as a small lump of cauliflower, a flat lesion. Among women, the warts usually occur on the vulva, but may also occur near the anus, vagina or cervix. Whereas among men, they appear on the penis and scrotum or around the anus. Common warts – these are benign tumors of the skin that usually appear on fingers or your nails, hands and appear to be unequal, raised bumps. They are generally irritating because of their appearance, but they can also be painful or vulnerable to injury or bleeding. Plantar warts – these are solid, rugged, non-malignant tumors that are usually on the heel or ball of the feet, most of the areas where the pressure is on. These warts cause pain or discomfort. These are just some of the symptoms, HPV, you should look for as you can get proper treatment. If you have pain and sensation of warts of any kind must be complaints, you are by your doctor. For women, it is advisable to have regular Pap test is one of the best ways of getting an HPV infection that can cause cancer of the cervix can be detected. Understanding the symptoms of HPV is so important to achieve good management and support in health care. These symptoms may be benign or malignant types of infections. Only the necessary preventive measures, so that you stop the risk of cancer. It may be difficult to open or with friends and relatives, but since it is such a condition of intimidation, without symptoms, and you can clear without treatment and without other health problems that could occur , should one be careful because studies show that the more you have the HPV virus, the more you are prone to anal cancer or cervical cancer, prevention of the utmost importance, but treatment should be used only once HPV syptoms are apparent.

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