HPV test – Did you?

by Rachel on August 2, 2014

Since HPV virus often have no symptoms, there is no specific test to check the general condition of HPV in the cells of the body. The tests are used to screen for cervical cancer, and we all know that the HPV virus can be removed on its own, without other health problems. So it is not necessary to test just to check if you have HPV. However, you should can bring on symptoms that HPV to have such a test for cervical cancer in women and men anal cancer.

visual inspection can be done if you want to know if you have genital warts. Some health care provider can a vinegar solution using acetic acid, to help see flat warts. However, it is not accurate or complete sensitive test, so it may wrongly identify normal skin as a wart.

routine Pap tests are used to determine if the patient has a cervical cancer or not. The HPV test can identify the types of high-risk HPV in the cervix of a woman who can be guided cell changes and cervical cancer.

In fact, there is no medically approved treatment for the virus itself, but a healthy immune system can fight against HPV naturally in the rule. Visible genital warts can be applied drug is eliminated by the patient, or carried out by a good management by a nurse. Some people prefer to give a treatment to see if the warts naturally fade.

Cervical cancer is manageable if most were detected and treated early. There are innovative forms of medical procedures such as surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, which are available for patients, although many of them are not guaranteed, victims of HPV should consider natural alternatives for holistic treatment HPV .

If you belong to the group of men, and ask if there is a screen of cancer associated with HPV testing, testing to detect early signs of the disease in people who are still healthy.

Some health experts recommend annual Pap tests for anal bisexuals, gays and HIV-positive, because anal cancer is more common in these groups. The HPV test, abnormal cells in the anus, which can eventually turn into cancer. If abnormal cells are detected, they can be eliminated. Anal Pap test is not recommended because it does not show any significant research for the elimination of abnormal anal cells may adopt in the future development of anal cancer. It takes more research to be done to confirm that anal Pap smears and treatment of abnormal cells may help prevent anal cancer.

Clinical your doctor if you notice blisters, warts, sores, white patches, ulcers or other abnormal areas on your penis, even if they do not hurt. Otherwise, check if there are abnormalities on the penis, scrotum, or around the anus by a visual inspection. Your body is your own responsibility to ensure that care and good management is essential to achieve good physical condition.

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