HPV Testing for Men

by Rachel on May 23, 2010

One of the first things you should know about the HPV test for men … is that before you can be sure to be tested. If you test a certain degree of sexual experience, have a good idea. We can not simply inspect the trust you have nothing, and forget about it. HPV can lie dormant for years, decades or even a lifetime without symptoms, but can still be contagious. Among women, the HPV types that actually have no symptoms, which can lead to cancer of the cervix. Fortunately, most types of genital HPV are harmless. In fact, it is estimated that around one third and half of all sexually active adults contract a mild form of HPV at some time or another. However, this is not the case with all types of HPV, it is important to get tested. Should I be tested? The first question would probably … How do you know if you need to be tested? Well, if you ever have sex before, you should get tested and retested after each encounter with a new sexual partner. It is a kind of sweeping statement. What happens if you have only one sexual partner throughout your life, and you can check if your partner has one partner before? Genital HPV is usually transmitted by sex real, and not say, toilet seats or what you have, so proper sexual history Would not make a safe bet that you do not have HPV? You’ve probably heard that if you have sex with a new partner, you are indeed having sex with everyone they’ve ever been to. It is a way of spreading sexually transmitted diseases, a partner of the opposite sex, and the second to another. Unless you have the results of detailed tests of your partner, your partner or ex-partner and her partner former spouse, you can not be sure one hundred percent. How can they do the test? Getting tested for HPV, as a simple man. Women have to undergo the discomfort of a Pap test yourself lucky and go ahead and go through it already. HPV test for men is made with a simple visual inspection. Your doctor can detect genital warts in the eye, or acetic acid used to identify HPV warts and related lesions. The acid causes abnormal tissue turn white. HPV test for men may be a little tricky, if the infection is in its infancy. HPV, you can know and what is not, simply because the tests did not reveal anything. For this reason, you must necessarily safe sex. You might think you’re safe if it is not, in fact, you are. Always use a condom, and contact your doctor at the first sign of anything that could be the beginning of HPV infection in fact. Even more important will be the first examined or treated merely prevents HPV in the first place. Do not have sex without a condom when you can be sure that you and your partner are both clear and free, just like that.

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