HPV Testing for Women

by Rachel on May 23, 2010

The women have a Pap smear and HPV testing as soon as possible. Do not turn off or keep it as unnecessary. Sorry if we could be a little militant on this front. All people have about when it comes to HPV concern the problem of dealing with a nasty infection. In women, HPV can be deadly. An estimated 473,000 women each year, cervical cancer kills 253,500 women involved. Most of these cases are directly related to genital HPV. Year in perspective, breast cancer kills about 519,000 women. Breast cancer gets a lot of media attention because of its high mortality rate, but the effort against HPV and cancer of the cervix are not the same level of attention given, which neglect of many women who took regular tests. The biggest problem here, rather the misconception that HPV have genital warts funds. Several strains of HPV can cause genital warts, but the types that can cause cancer of the cervix, no visible symptoms at all, and can be identified by a Pap smear. In a small number of men who have never heard of HPV-related conditions with death, men can more easily get away with the remark “I trust my partners, I am sure,” but no is not an option for women. Remember, if you have sex with a new partner you have sex with everyone they’ve ever had to have sex.’s boyfriend or the husband may have been tested negative for HPV, but again, the types of HPV that cause cervical cancer may show no visible signs, and almost impossible to detect in men. Sorry for the “preachy” tone is used here, but the fact remains that there is no safe bet that if you bet with your life. We can not hundred percent sure you’re free and clear, until you have been tested . smears are uncomfortable, unpleasant and embarrassing? course they are, but they can save lives. As seen in HPV types, types that genital warts in a row, the following steps when you tested … 1 – Auto inspectionWhen you have a chance at a shower before checking in bed when you can, yourself for lumps or abnormal growths on or around the genitals. If you see any thing in its place … 2 – Talk to your doc may be submitted anything, but you do not know for sure without consulting your doctor or your gynecologist inputs. If it does not wind up HPV … 3 – Take appropriate stepsDon’t sleep on him, his hands on something outside the pharmacy on the right. Take the HPV early means you can nip in the bud, act quickly. In Also, remember that screening and treatment of HPV is important, but not as important as prevention of HPV. Always practice safe sex, always use a condom with a new partner, and check regularly to ensure that your safety. In short, do not take risks with your health or your life.

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