Hpv Testing

by Rachel on July 8, 2010

HPV testing in many cases, nothing more difficult than the visual inspection of your doctor. This is because most of the time, HPV infection, its presence by displaying signs and symptoms as they would have genital warts or pink or flesh colored lesions known. If visual inspection shows no results, your doctor will perform the next step in HPV testing, which is the use of acetic acid. The doctor Daub a little acetic acid (vinegar is to you and I suspected) in the field. If you have warts in the area, they look like white spots on the skin. If this does not work, sometimes, a buffer zone taken and sent for HPV testing. Other methods of HPV testing, means that a smear. In this test a speculum into the vagina, where they are used to open the vagina does. A sampling of cells is then removed and the vaginal walls during testing. If a woman genital HPV, it is recommended that they come from regular smear tests every three months. This additional precaution, frequent HPV testing is performed until there was an improvement of the condition. This type of HPV testing should be performed as scheduled genital HPV treated the development of abnormal cells on the walls of the cervix that can lead to cancer of the cervix. Another method is that HPV testing for colposcopy. This test method against HPV, the walls of the vagina and cervix “painted” with a vinegar solution. The vagina is then reviewed by an instrument called a colposcope to detect any abnormalities. If detected at that time a difference in the shading, a specially prepared dye is then applied to a small patch to the affected area. If there are areas on the cervix or vaginal walls that do not stain, a cell sample is then taken for HPV testing further. To get the maximum results of your HPV test is only a few things that you do not or can not do, as the case may be. They include not, as it showers to wash all the necessary elements of HPV, not with drugs or vaginal suppositories herbal, not a buffer. You may want to avoid going for HPV testing, if you have menstrual bleeding. All this can greatly affect your HPV test and yield incorrect results. In some cases you may even need to perform the test.

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