HPV Vaccine and side effects

by Rachel on July 20, 2010

A group of British teenagers has launched the first trial in Britain against the manufacturers of vaccines against cancer of the cervix, Cervarix. You have many symptoms suffered paralysis, convulsions and fatigue and muscle pain, as it is received the vaccine. But a growing number of parents and medical experts believe the vaccine can have side effects alarming.

A spokesman for Glaxo Smith-Kline, Cervarix is said: “Cervarix has undergone rigorous testing with a large number of people in many clinical trials.” She said more than 70,000 doses of vaccine the company had been given in the study and the recipient had to show more follow-up of six years. Clinical studies showed Cervarix was “generally well tolerated.” Critics say that his sister has not used the Gardasil vaccine, long the United States for nearly three years, linked to nearly 12,000 responses, including 32 deaths, paralysis, seizures, blood clots, heart attacks, blurred vision and blackouts.

With any type of mass vaccination, it will always be some reactions to vaccination, the question is how do I know if it answers a lot more than expected or be seen. In the U.S., they can file complaints with injuries, but they can also pass through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. The link leads to a site more thoroughly, which might be expected, and gives all the information needed to file a claim.

It makes me wonder if the degree of risk of side effects to prevent you from receiving a vaccine that could prevent a recurrence of cancer you know?

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