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by Rachel on June 9, 2010

Warts are caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) and usually occur on the body, face, feet, hands or genitals. They can occur anywhere on the body. As warts are very contagious, they have become very common in the general population. These warts are spread through intimate skin to skin contact with an infected partner, and often require immediate cure HPV.

Only the total absence of skin to skin contact with an infected person is to ensure protection. Condoms (male and female) and dental dams offer some, but limited protection against this infection. Annual audits Gyn help, signs of infection and Pap tests to be performed periodically check to see early changes associated with HPV infection.

In June 2006, a vaccine against HPV (Gardasil ®) was approved by the FDA. The vaccine protects against four HPV types (6, 11, 16, 18), responsible for most genital warts and about 70% of all cases of cancer of the cervix. This vaccine protects against the following diseases caused by HPV: cervical cancer of the uterus, abnormal and precancerous, and / or vaginal lesions and genital warts.

The vaccine prevents infection with HPV will not treat an infection that already exists. Once a strain of HPV, developed immunity to this strain infected in the rule. However, even in a person already infected with HPV, the vaccine may still make sense, because they can protect against other strains of HPV.

A total of three shots over six months are (0, 2, 6 months) given. Side effects are generally mild (pain or redness local, low fever, nausea, dizziness). It is recommended for girls / women ages 9-26. Gardasil ® is currently recommended for girls / women. Studies on efficacy in boys / men now on the research.

This vaccine is expensive (the price varies, but the series is typically priced around $ 400). Many insurance companies cover the cost. Check with your insurance company. In addition, the vaccine protects against strains of HPV most common, but not others. Since all strains are covered, gynecological exams and pap smears are still required regular.

Most pharmacological efforts to immunize more on developing a vaccine for the population HPV can infect, rather than focusing system. This is ideal for pharmaceutical companies that would naturally reap a windfall of money epic proportions for pharmaceutical companies, but not useful for people who already have warts.

The medical community has not had success, to send a treatment is effective, to develop existing infection without damaging skin extent, trauma or recurrence. It is important that China has banned such vaccines, as they found that injecting a virus into your system only works, it stays in your system, remains latent in the joints, causing horrible again in later years , arthritis and autoimmune diseases.

When suffering from warts, it is necessary to eliminate HPV infection to eliminate them. However, there are few successful medical facilities. Surgical removal of warts is the most common medical procedures. However, the patient returned to a painful surgical procedure that results in skin lesions / scars, and the probability Warts.

Because the skin is the reservoir of food, is the region where the majority of skin problems and where the root begins a life wart. Therefore, surgery to remove warts is so highly invasive, we must dig through all the layers of skin deep, but the results failed when the warts again yields, despite the efforts of surgery, the infection together almost never cut completely.

Since the antiviral properties of AntiWarts-Rx has proven its ability to penetrate all layers of the skin and into the bloodstream via topical application they have received great attention of the National Academy of Sciences and professionals global health.

This product is made from purely organic products antiviral plant material and concentrated with natural monoterpene ketones, the huge anti-viral activity against warts virus, HPV, showed how, in the published scientific studies.

Viruses can be very rapid mutation rate, immunity to get difficult to sustain. If a cell is infected, it is difficult to selectively inhibit the virus without harming the host cell. Therefore, a keen interest in plants as strong allies in restoring the strength of the immune system and prevents the spread of viral diseases is increased.

Some of the most impressive results were in accordance with herbs to eliminate warts. The activities of our antiwarts antiviral treatments are well documented and eliminate because of their direct effect on HPV. For more information, visit http://www. Pharma nature. org.

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