Hpv Virus Shows Alarming Numbers Among Teen Girls In The United States

by Rachel on June 18, 2010

The CDC collected data as part of a larger study, which provides a full range of health problems. The girls were tested for HPV (the virus that causes genital warts) and other diseases such as herpes and chlamydia. The study revealed that the disease most common sexually transmitted has been studied in a group of girls the HPV (human papillomavirus). Some strains of HPV may be associated with genital warts and cancer. The CDC study found that the most prevalent disease among the younger daughter went teen was caused in particular the types of HPV, genital warts or cancer. In fact, nearly 20% of the female population were examined in this group.

Teenage females definitely have a high likelihood of contracting HPV and the data obtained in these studies, infected supports this hypothesis. In fact, even the girls with only a small amount of lovers in his life is part of the same risk.

Most strains of HPV cause infections that they themselves, without intervention by the patient or doctor. However, there are some species that act to cause genital warts and other cancers of the cervix. Genital warts can illicit fear and panic in young girls because of the limited resources available on sex education and the scar on or around genital warts connected. There is no cure genital warts are not life, because no cure for HPV to an official. But the symptoms of genital warts can be treated and genital warts based on a treatment option (s).

Genital warts is a treatment option for girls who can not cope with the symptoms of warts on their own. Treatment of genital warts may be homeopathic medicine by the patient without the need for a visit used in the pharmacy. In some cases, doctors may recommend a procedure for health care professional if the situation warrants individual. For many girls, but this should not be required, and HPV warts are treated either in or out of time at home wart treatment products which are widely available.

Lewis Black is the creator of the World Wide Web. genitalwartscuretreatment. com site. Lewis is a strong supporter of HPV and works, the public of the common STDs educare.

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