Hpv Women ? Why Protection Is Critical

by Rachel on May 16, 2010

If you have sex with a new partner you have sex with all partners they ever had sex with, and each partner, she had sex with, and so on .. . The researchers have about 35 different types of HPV that infect the genital tract revealed, and those at least 15 are known to cause cancer of the cervix. The most dangerous strains, # 16, # 18, # 31 and # 45 represent over 70% of all cases of cancer of the cervix. HPV is also known to cause cancer of the vulva, vagina, anus, head and neck. What is HPV? Genital HPV (human papillomavirus) is the most common sexually transmitted diseases and it is up to 70% of women in contact with HPV by the time they are 60. Most women can never show any signs of HPV infection and their immune system fights the virus. However, a number of women, some strains of HPV genital warts, which is a clear indication that it is in contact with a sexual partner, her head against HPV to come. Although genital warts can be embarrassing, unsightly and often painful are the strains of HPV that are different for this type of infection with these strains that can develop into cancer of the cervix. HPV causes abnormal cells to normal. These changes may take the form of genital warts, which is often a matter of weeks or months after infection. However, it is HPV strains in cervical cancer of the uterus, you should be more worried. These infections can shelve your system for many years and shows no signs or symptoms. But over time the changes of infection in cells of the cervix and when cancer in women, HPV is detected, it may be too late. As the year HPVEvery yourself, hundreds of thousands of people to protect women who die of cervical cancer, which is directly linked to HPV. The reason why so many women die from this form of cancer because the symptoms often remain undetected for many years. Therefore, it is important to everything you can do to get risks to protect associated with HPV. Consider some of the steps you can take: 1 A vaccine against HPV is available for girls and women aged 9-26, which prevents the most common strains of HPV in women. In particular, the vaccine protects women against strains that can lead to cancer of the cervix. This vaccine is more effective on women who already have a sexual experience. The second most effective treatment for HPV, regular Pap smears to test for abnormal cervical cells. If you have the same sexual partner, or you are not sexually active, a Pap test once a year is reasonable. After age 30, your doctor may recommend a Pap test every 2 or 3 years. If you have a number of sexual partners, it does not hurt a Pap test every time you have a new relationship. Of course, Pap smears are a little embarrassed, but a few moments to feel uncomfortable, it is worthwhile if the results show the development of abnormal cells. The man wonderful news that you may have just met the one, but it can also unwittingly ONE, who wore an HPV infection is unknown, and it is easy to transmit the virus to you. Do you have a third debate honest and open with new sexual partners. Although it may seem embarrassing, it could save your life! If you have ever had an outbreak of genital warts, this type of infection can not be cured, even if you do not have symptoms, you can easily transmit the virus to your partner. It has also been in contact with the virus and do not know. 4th practices safe sex, although HPV is the most common disease transmitted sexually, it’s just one of many, so practice safe sex with condoms can protect against a number of serious infections. 5th Stay healthy. You can reduce the risk of contracting HPV if your immune system strong enough to fight the infection. But let’s face it: it is not healthy to protect against HPV only – it is to protect against a variety of infections that can attack your system if it is not in good shape. HPV and women can be a deadly combination, so make sure you read all the information you can about the risks and how to arm and protect yourself at all times.

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