Human HPV Virus Causes Genital Warts

by Rachel on April 29, 2010

The virus of humans against HPV is the most common cause of sexually transmitted infections in the United States today. It follows a family of around forty viruses, genital warts. The infection is also known as genital warts, and it is easily transmitted through sexual contact. If you or your partner has genital warts sex, you can understand the causes of infection in this article. Watch hman Papilloma Virus, also known as the affinity of man against the HPV virus large skin of the genitals. Nearly 130 types of HPV have been identified immediately. Viruses are a common property of causing warts, if they infect the skin. For these 40 viruses are transmitted sexually. There are viruses involved in this sub-category, genital warts, the other latent infections, which tend to show no symptoms. The viruses are transmitted very easily. Medical studies have demonstrated the transmission of the virus through sexual contact, infected through oral sex, and even his hands. This makes the virus a constant threat to you if you have risk factors that increase the chances have been infected. For women, has a viral infection, HPV human many other consequences. The condition is usually latent and can ignite only in times of hormonal changes. You could have a silent infection, and no obvious symptoms during pregnancy. There is also the risk of symptoms can be very serious during pregnancy. Meanwhile, there are more chances of more warts, which are vulnerable to bleeding. If you do not treat viruses of humans against HPV during pregnancy, there is a chance that you can transfer it to your baby during childbirth. The baby can be an infection that can cause serious respiratory obstruction and feeding difficulties. Women have another problem with this infection. If you have been infected by certain strains of the virus, chances are you may develop cancer of the cervix to the line. The best protection for women, is now a vaccine called Gardasil. The vaccine is effective against both the most common strains of the virus that causes cancer. Getting vaccinated against the infection is a good idea if you have many partners or have had sex with strange men. If you’re in your youth, or twenty, it is a very cost effective way to prevent cancer. Another important aspect of cancer screening by HPV virus are human checks. This is a check-up Pap called the doctor to analyze the cells in the cervical area. The infection of humans against HPV often causes changes in the structure and number of cells in the skin of the genital area. The test allows the doctor to locate any object in the cell shape and structure has changed. If these lesions are removed, the risk of cancer will fall dramatically. Infection also prevents you from taking precautions during sex. You must have a form of contraception if you or your partner has no risk factors for infection.

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