Human Papilloma Virus Essential Aspects

by Rachel on April 25, 2010

Human papillomavirus is a particular type of virus affecting the skin and mucous membranes, especially those in the genital area. There are one hundred and fifty such as viruses, and the route of transmission is most common through sexual contact. The common manifestations of this virus, known as moles or worse, warts. Different types of viruses of this class tend to appear on certain areas of the skin. It is very important to know that some of these viruses, which can lead to cancer, viruses are high risk. They can cause cancers in men and women in the genital area. There are also some species that viruses are viral, and are found in lesions caused by them. These lesions can be transformed under the influence of solar radiation in cancer, which means an aggressive form of skin cancer. The development is very slow and may remain out of sight long ago. The common expressions of the virus, moles, warts, and appear as outgrowths of the skin. Sometimes, through its transparency, small blood vessels thrombosis. The location of these plants is mainly on the fingers and hands. When they are on the palms of the hands or feet, they can be painful and they can cut the natural lines of the skin. mole dishes are different from those of the ordinary by the form they have. The surface of this pier is smooth and its dimensions are much smaller, they are only a few millimeters. They are common on the skin of children and their location, usually on the face, hands and legs. hair-shaped moles are beautiful plants that have the same color as the skin, and are based on the rule, particularly in the neck. Contamination by direct contact with infected people. Sexual contact is what causes them to spread. Virus transmission occurs during direct contact with the traumatized areas of skin. The growths can appear more frequently on the skin of people with public pools or on the skin of people in a particular area, such as butchers. Thus, sexual contact is not only implies a transfer of these viruses. Due to the fact that the majority of them are sexually transmitted, an individual could with many sexual partners a great danger. It can also be transmitted from mother to infant if the mother has genital moles, in this case, the child’s respiratory problems, probably by inhaling the virus during childbirth. The shape of the sexually transmitted virus most common sexually transmitted diseases. The incubation period, ie the time of exposure – contact – with the appearance of lesions ranged from two to nine months. Meanwhile, the person infected, the virus can be transmitted to other people too. So the only thing we should all keep in mind when starting a sexual relationship with a new partner to protect us and that we can.

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