Human papilloma virus-how to approach a lover?

by Rachel on November 1, 2010

Okay, so what is the deal with doctors saying that HPV “goes away on it’s own”…?

I had an abnormal pap and a colposcopy about one year ago. I’ve had 5 paps since then and all of them have come out “no abnormal cells”. So my doctors told me that I can go back to my annual pap.

So does this mean I dont have it and dont have to bring it up with lovers??

If not, how would one go about doing so in a classy way??
How will I know when my immune system has taken care of the virus??

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Sheepdog November 1, 2010 at 11:25 am

I don’t think there IS a “classy way” to tell a potential sex partner that you have an STD.

Telling them beforehand is honorable, yes, but classy, no.

And HPV doesn’t “go away.” It can go dormant, but it can become active again at any time. Kind of like herpes.

Deni November 1, 2010 at 12:13 pm

you should still tell the people you are active with. just because you have a normal pap doesn’t mean that you don’t have the virus anymore. the only way to tell that is to have a test for HPV done. since it’s a virus you can have it with no symptoms and still spread it to others. the good news id that it can go away on its own. i told my partner by sitting him down and explaining the situation to him in a very open way. i also had reading material if he wanted to take it. try going to and printing some info. you might want to read up on the material too so you can help answer questions he might have. the good new for guys is that it doesn’t effect them, they are only carriers. you can also get reading material from your doctor and if this is a serious relationship you can set an appointment with your doctor so you and your partner can discuss your situation.

tarnishedsilverheart November 1, 2010 at 12:24 pm

There is no cure for HPV but the manifestation lesions/warts can go away on its own. We treat the manifestation that the virus cerates removing the abnormal cells and in hoping to jump start the immune process.

The virus stays in our cells tissue. When we build antibodies to the virus then the virus goes into a quite stage at this time the virus is not producing abnormal cells changes. Our Pap looks for abnormal cell changes and the HPV test looks for the virus when the viral load is low our HPV test will not show as positive. Unfortunately the virus can reactive in times of illness or stress. It would be great to have a test that could tell us when we can spread the virus. You can also acquire other HPV types with a new lover.
It is important to share your past infection with a new lover. He will probably acquire your HPV type and this new lover may bring a HPV type into your relationship. Your new lover may not even know he carries HPV since most people with the virus show no visible signs.

Honesty is classy; share this info when you are comfortable with your new partner. BTW if the sexual energy is high share the info ASAP…

I wish you well.

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