Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)

by Rachel on April 24, 2010

can HPV or human papillomavirus is a generic term for a group of over 60 different related viruses that invade the tissues of the skin lesions. It is transmitted by skin to skin contact, including sexual. It infects the body, or it could be the surface of the skin, oral mucosa, tongue, throat, tonsils, vagina, anus, penis or cervix. We have almost all parts of the body, right down? HPV is fatal. It is the world leader in ITS. Even if you like a woman who has never had sex outside of marriage or say that you’re single and sober, then you can get it if your mother was infected. One of the many studies made in general has come to the conclusion that about 14 8 per cent of all women in this study in particular, had never had sexual intercourse were found to be infected. HPV can not spare neither men, but it is usually not diagnosed because they have symptoms and do it if does not break as HPV or genital warts, anogenital cancer of the truth. Transmission of HPV through sexual contact, but it is also likely that the virus can be transmitted through the channels. For example, an infected mother can transmit to their child. genital skin contact, like oral sex or cunnilingus is also a channel for the transmission of the virus. Do you know that you are infected: Test cells of the cervix is an effective method for detecting the presence of HPV. But I want to say that you have HPV, long before they find, as he usually manifest no symptoms. regular checkups and Pap tests contribute to the knowledge of the presence of an infection. The treatment of HPV: First, it is an HPV test and Pap test is essential. This is a smoke screen for cell changes that can heal on their own, but you must be absolutely certain means. They can be treated by cryotherapy. In this treatment, the abnormal cells are frozen in liquid nitrogen. cone biopsy and conization is otherwise known treatment. It removes only the abnormal areas. LEEP or loop electrosurgical excision procedure is also an effective way to eliminate abnormal cells with a painless electric current. Genital warts can be removed by surgery or laser treatment. The treatment, warts in the majority of good people. If the warts grow back, you may have received an injection of drug interferon. But beware, the virus dormant, lie low and after treatment and get right back with a bang after a while. If left untreated HPV: Why would you do? Either you’re a walking time bomb, or an unguided rocket depends on your lifestyle or you will be Osama bin Laden ordered to distribute it, as many people as possible. Well that’s what you can be in this first HPV can develop into an abnormal cell in the cervix, which in turn could cause cancer if left untreated. Genital warts, other, play hide and seek when left untreated, or they may become even more and you can easily pass on to star in the remake of “Swamp horror.” Cruel? You bet I am not only are you in danger, but you are in danger of others. www. asksexpert. com

Am a doctor from the University Hasslet, Limburg, Nederland. After graduation, I moved to India, the community of Auroville in Pondicherry to my parents who were involved in re-housing projects in the international community of Auroville. I taught at a local medical college and worked in the health of rural women and the program of breeding in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. www. asksexpert. com

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