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by Rachel on October 14, 2014

symptoms of insomnia: get enough sleep

National Sleep Foundation 2008 Sleep America poll reported, the average American spends 6:55 minutes in bed, but only 6 waking hours and 40 minutes! In Canada, an estimated 3.3 million people (1 in 7) of 15 and more years of insomnia. Of course, most of us stay awake and more. But it can be called as an intermediate sleep insomnia? What are the symptoms of insomnia? Although we know how he felt, as the costs of most of the night watching the fan on top, we can not know much more than that.

What exactly is insomnia

It is the inability to fall asleep and stay asleep, continue for more than 3 weeks. He also passed on the number of hours in bed to do with the quality of sleep, which is determined by the feeling of freshness and calm days. If the condition is chronic, the symptoms are real at least 3 times a week, but an acute condition will not last long. <": Justify text-align" style = P>

As these two types of conditions:

it is more common, because effects continue or conditions underlying health. Some diseases, medications, sleep problems, etc., the initial condition that 8 in 10 are affected. <": Justify text-align" style = P>

main, the most common type is an independent disease usually caused by stress emotional or durability of the stomach, etc. ..


Are you endangered

Sleep Disorders National Center for Research at the National Institute of Health found that although 30-40% of adults suffer from insomnia signals confirm a year, about 10-15% of them reported that their condition is history. This high prevalence of you may be wondering if you are in danger. Here’s an indicator to assess the potential risk:

• Women are more likely than men

. • Although it affect people of all ages, promoting the year would increase the risk

• If you have a stressful life

. • If you are depressed or in a difficult life as a divorce, death of loved ones, and so on

• Lower income

• The frequent changes of shifts

• Travel distance, often

• have certain medical conditions, including sleep disorders such as sleep apnea , restless legs, narcolepsy, etc.

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How do you know about the first

Look for these signs:

• sleep problems

• sleep for a short time

• Do you find it difficult to sleep after waking often

• Not too sleepy and tired during the day

• get up earlier than usual

• difficulty concentrating, irritability, depression, fatigue days

Some characters may be misleading

Given the nature of the overlap of certain features in the diagnosis of the type of fault will be difficult. For example, excessive daytime sleepiness as a symptom of narcolepsy. In fact, it may also represent sleep apnea, some may interpret as a symptom of hypersomnia. <": Justify text-align" style = P>

identify polysomnogram during sleep clearly and to assess the severity, you also can deepen and compare the reasons for daytime sleepiness. For example, can cause disruption of the sleep-wake cycle, such as narcolepsy, a condition that is caused by disorders of the central nervous system. As relates to the excessive sleepiness, the condition is idiopathic. This means that there are no known causes for invasion.

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