Is there a Cure for HPV

by Rachel on May 27, 2010

HPV infection is very common. Approximately 20 million people affected in the United States. Genital warts associated with HPV infection can be raised or flat. They may be small or large. The colors can vary, even pink or flesh colored. Warts on the cervix, scrotum, groin, thigh, anus or penis appears.

Sexual transmission of HPV can cause genital warts or abnormal cell changes of the cervix and other genital areas that can lead to cancer. Although there is no cure for HPV, the good news is the infection often goes away on its own. If not, and treatment is necessary, there are many treatment options against HPV.

Moreover, as more people are vaccinated with vaccines against HPV news, the rate of HPV infection can be greatly reduced. For now focused treatment against HPV for the treatment of symptoms of infection. Symptoms include genital warts HPV low risk and precancerous changes sometimes associated with HPV types of high-risk venture.

For women, doctors can analyze cells from cervical swabs, as they are collected for a Pap test, and in a laboratory. This analysis is of genetic material or DNA of HPV in the cells of the body. It can recognize the types of high risk HPV. No specific tests for the strains of HPV, the cancer is currently available for men.

If a woman with a kind of HPV that can cause cancer, is infected, the doctor may recommend frequent Pap tests for signs of abnormal cell changes in the genital area to see. abnormal cell changes of the cervix is a warning sign of cancer of the cervix as possible. The physician may also be a test called a colposcopy, in which a special magnifying glass to look inside the cervix, vagina and vulva.

If the HPV infection, abnormal cell changes that can lead to cervical cancer, caused, there are three main treatment options: (1) cryotherapy. This includes freezing of abnormal cells in liquid nitrogen. (2) conization. This procedure removes the abnormal areas. (3) LEEP. “The goal is to remove all abnormal cells and thus the elimination of most or all of the cells by HPV.

The treatment of warts appear immediately after aggressive is not recommended. You might ask. Repeat the treatment would be needed later. HPV types 6 and 11, associated with genital warts, tend to grow at around six months, then stabilize. Sometimes, the visible genital warts disappear without treatment.

A doctor can provide creams or other treatments to remove warts. acids, such as cryotherapy, trichloroacetic, surgical removal, electrocautery, laser vaporization or excision of warts, and so on. Surgical removal may cure the problem in one visit. Success rates for other techniques vary from about 80% to 90%.

In general, small warts respond better to treatment than adults. Warts on moist surfaces respond more positively to topical treatments do, like warts on dry surfaces. If a particular treatment does not work after three treatments by a doctor, or if the wart does not disappear after six medical treatment, the problem should be reassessed.

For warts, remedies are not much better than WartCure. It has been proven to eliminate warts and heal from time to time. It is one of the most powerful and effective topical remedy for warts on the market. This natural treatment to cure warts topical shows a broad spectrum of activity against the HPV virus that causes warts. It kills the HPV and has a curative effect against warts.

WartCure feature offers a series of remarkable pharmacological and biochemical effects, including stimulating the immune response and anti-tumor properties. WartCure users typically experience rapid elimination of warts without scarring, tissue damage or relapse.

It consists of extracts of certified organic herbs and certified organic anti-viral essential oils that have proven to kill the HPV in the laboratory tests included. These cures warts are painless and will work extended wart removal, skin tissue back to its original state before the onset of infection.

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