Male Genital Warts – The Complete Disease Story

by Rachel on May 14, 2010

genital warts are one of the most common types of diseases sexuallly. This condition is also called acuminata or venereal warts codylomata. Warts are transmitted by sexual contact with an infected person. Genital warts are caused by human papilloma virus – HPV. This virus has also been linked to the development of genital cancer. HPV infects the top layers of skin. The virus is contagious and is spread by sexual contact with an infected person. Most people develop warts within three months of contact with an infected person. Exceptionally, some cases do not show symptoms for a long period. After unprotected sex with many partners increses likely than men genital warts. The possibilities for genital warts also increases if you have sex with someone with a history of sexually transmitted diseases, sexual or not their hitory you know, must have had. Become sexually active at a young age is also associated with an increased risk of infection. If you genital warts, or if your sexual partner has ben diagnosed with warts were, you should immediately consult a doctor. As its name suggests, these warts are detected in the genital area. The condition is characterized by a family of viruses that infect the soft tissue moist genital area. genital warts are most often at the tip or the shaft of the penis. You can also extend the scrotum and the anus, in some cases. Genital warts in the throat or mouth can sometimes be if the person oral sexual contact with an infected person had. Warts are usually skin color. genital warts may take the form of bumps or cauliflower raw, as in the genital area and the surrounding are. Warts can be present alone or in Custers in affected areas. Page warts usually show signs and symptoms. You may notice flesh colored or gray swellings in the genital area. Warts can be single, and clusters can only grow if you do not try the treatment in time. Warts are usually the discomfort and itching in the genital area. Perhaps you have noticed bleeding during sexual intercourse by the erosion of wart tissue. Warts can also be too small to notice. In some cases, male genital warts is not associated with symptoms. If you are diagnosed with male genital warts has been, it is advisable to consult a qualified practitioner on an appropriate form of treatment. The treatment, which will advise you depends on factors such as the size of warts, if you’ve had warts before and whether your warts respond to locally applied creams. You can choose from such as imiquimod cream or podofilox, which are applied locally. There are precautions that need to meet you, when you take drugs. In addition, you should ask your partner to seek treatment if you have been diagnosed with genital warts. If you have been advised surgery, you may with large warts or warts that are resistant to other forms of treatment. The therapeutic options in this case the electrocautery, cryotherapy, surgical excision or laser treatment. Remember that this condition because the underlying virus is not easily disposed yields. You can have a relapse after you have warts have disappeared.

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