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by Rachel on October 17, 2014

Infectious mononucleosis is a disease, the cause will be transmitted orally from virus.The virus. In this disease, many adults, teens and children will be diagnosed her. If an adult is to get it diagnosed, the symptoms of infectious mononucleosis are easily noticed. Infectious mononucleosis, but not be noticeable in the case of young people and children, signs or symptoms, so it is very difficult to tell if a person is diagnosed or not. There are many causes infectious mononucleosis should know.

symptoms of mononucleosis (details)

Infectious mononucleosis is caused by the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) infectious mononucleosis, which is transmitted from the procedure Oral. Infectious mononucleosis is a viral disease that is widespread. Another name of this infectious mononucleosis is also known as mononucleosis or disease infectious mononucleosis Filatov. This is a disease that is contagious kissing and he is one of the types of herpes virus.Majority adults are exposed to the infection of infectious mononucleosis. It is also concerned about the children, but the symptoms are not noticeable
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The symptoms of infectious mononucleosis causes for children such as influenza. According to the researchers, it is looking, this disease is influenced not only in urban centers but also developed countries. Many people around 90% of it are exposed and too many symptoms. Most of them are to get it diagnosed right at the age of childhood and others in adulthood. The virus is very often found in young people and youth.

Remedies mononucleosis

extract Olive leaf is the perfect choice in the acute phase, the symptoms of mononucleosis, such as sore throat, glands swollen, fever and fatigue prevail, is the herb of choice. Other alternatives that Echinacea stimulates white blood cells’ ability to be able to kill the virus.

The diagnosis of mononucleosis when we think the typical symptoms of mono present (symptoms of mononucleosis) .For precision laboratory tests the diagnosis can be made. Laboratory test sample mononucleosis include finding atypical lymphocytes (a type of white blood cells) in blood, a white blood cell count of whole blood increased and the presence of antibodies directed against Epstein-Barr virus, mono ( Mononucleosis diagnosis code).

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