Morbidity of Anogenital Disease

by Rachel on July 30, 2010

HPV types show a high degree of site specificity, found with some types of HPV only certain parts of the skin or mucous membranes. The prevalence of HPV in women is 22-35%. Among men, the prevalence is 2-35%, depending on sexual practices of the population studied.

HPV is not sufficient to cause malignant transformation of infected tissue. Cofactors such as smoking, UV radiation, pregnancy, folic acid deficiency and immune deficiencies have been involved in this process. Patients, immunosuppressants and patients with defects in cell-mediated immunity, including those infected with HIV are particularly susceptible to infection with HPV to develop.

A direct correlation between infection with HPV, anogenital region and measures of sexual activity, such as the age at first intercourse and number of lifetime sexual partners. The prevalence of HPV infections in anogenital mucosa is higher among college-aged women and men. The impact of the decline in high-risk HPV infection by age 20-24 years and the impact of shelf types of HPV low risk after the age of 30-39 years.

Women with a history of cervical lesion high grade squamous intraepithelial (HGSIL) or squamous cell carcinomas (SCC) of the cervix are at increased risk of subsequent development of invasive cancer in other tissues of the anogenital / Category mucous membranes, especially vaginal and anal cancers. In these patients, the relative risk of vaginal cancer June 5, and the risk of cancer of the anus is 4

Anal cancer is strongly associated with male homosexuality and male specific behaviors, such as participation in receptive anal intercourse. The relative risk 33 However, the overall prevalence higher among women than among men with male-female ratio of 5:1 1.

Immunocompromised patients, particularly those with malignant skin lesions have a significantly higher incidence of EV-HPV infection than the general population. These lesions can undergo malignant transformation. Ten percent of patients with EV marriages between blood relatives are due to autosomal recessive.

No genital skin warts are more common in adolescents and adults who work, such as meat, poultry, fish and handlers. The incidence approaches 10% among children and young adults. But non-genital skin warts rarely occur in people under five years and usually regress within 2 years of age. EA developed with an average age of onset of 6 years and from the fourth decade of life, the lesions undergo malignant transformation into invasive SCC.

Most physicians use cautery or freezing as a first option to cure genital warts. Unfortunately, the success of this method is achieved often temporary, and the warts soon. For genital warts, treatment may include surgery under excise or burn them. be used after surgery or chemical acids, we can expect a scar in this area.

Surgical intervention as a remedy against HPV are trying to stimulate not only cut the virus, but also inflammation in the tissue. The theory is that the body will develop an immune response against the virus to prevent recurrence. However, this method cure for genital warts are often not removed when doctors are unable to virus in its entirety as it often becomes lodged in the deeper layers of skin to skin.

Since the virus, and microscopic particles in the skin are not visible, doctors may not be possible if they had the effect of HPV healed some by deleting all viral microparticles. Among all types of treatments for genital warts, genital surgery, subjects the patient to a highly invasive procedure. This method can be very uncomfortable and inefficient, and may also genital scars.

An alternative antiviral therapy is now available, which is a very promising solution to the growing epidemic of genital warts. HPVCurative cure is a new very efficient and powerful for genital warts. It is noted cures for his role in the field of genital warts, and the total clearance of the infection and over again.

Users experience HPVCurative rapid withdrawal of genital warts without scarring or recurrence. The treatment is painless and gives excellent results when compared to other treatments against HPV. It eliminates genital warts and skin tissue goes to the state it was before the infection. As the treatment to effectively eliminate genital warts and wart-like substances on the genitals, the surgical treatment of acid or HPV may soon be a thing of the past.

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