Panic Attack Symptoms

by Rachel on February 18, 2015

As life in general becomes more and more pressurized throughout the world we are seeing more and more people suffering from panic attacks and anxiety attacks. But what causes these attacks and what are the symptoms of panic attacks?

The symptoms may include:


When we mean dizziness this can often show itself as a fuzzy feeling in your head when you can possibly feel your heart pounding and your body starting to shake. This feeling of light headedness is very worrying and very confusing for suffers but it is treatable by simple relaxation techniques.

Increased heartbeat

In any situation where you feel either physically tired or under pressure you will notice an increase in your heartbeat and anxiety attacks can often lead to substantial increases in the victim’s heartbeat. In many situations people will describe situations where they believe their heart is about to stop and they are under intense pressure at that moment in time. Simple breathing techniques will help to reduce your heartbeat and concentrating upon your heartbeat when it starts to increase can also be helpful.

A feeling of claustrophobia

For somebody suffering an anxiety attack the feeling of claustrophobic can be terrible to live with at that point in time. You may feel that the whole room is closing in on you and people passing you often become a blur and you may not be able to make out what they are saying or what you’re doing. You may feel as though everybody is watching you when in reality you are just another spec on the landscape.

The need to go home

Those who suffer from these conditions often describe a feeling of having to return home as soon as possible before they are able to calm down. Psychologists believe that each sufferer has one particular location, often home, where they feel more in control and can sit back and eventually start to relax. The problem which many people have is the fact it is not always possible to get home as soon as they would like which can increase anxiety and panic levels.

A feeling of losing your mind

When your heart is pumping and your mind is confused you may sometimes feel as though you are going “mad”. However, in reality this is your “fight or flight” syndrome come into play and rather than allowing you to stay and fight, your feelings very often push your body into flight mode and introduce a need to leave the area. Once you have left the area which is causing concern, or are en route home, you will start to relax more and eventually return to normality.

Those who suffer from panic attacks or anxiety attacks need not suffer in silence because help is at hand and using just a number of simple techniques you can learn to control your anxiety and live a normal life again.

For those who suffer panic attacks and anxiety attacks the pain and suffering is real even if many people do not believe what you’re going through. However thankfully you can change your with thinking and your body’s reaction to these attacks.

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