Pennsylvania has adopted the same strict emissions std as California for cars, will motorcycles be the same?

by Rachel on July 9, 2011

will new motorcycles sold in the state of Pennsylvania have the same emission std’s as California?
Gov. Rendell knows whats best for us,,,, right?

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snakemanjohnny July 9, 2011 at 7:18 pm

If the state of PA has made the same as CA. then yes it will be the same for motorcycles. It’s the exhaust they ae worried about. The newer bikes will have to have the catalic converters on them and will have to meet standerds. It also depends on when the bike was built. After a certin age it wont fall into the same catogory as others. also after a certin year built all motorcycles will have to have mufflers. even harleys

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