Plant Medicine for Warts is Undiluted and Unadulterated

by Rachel on November 6, 2010

There are more than one hundred types of HPV. About thirty or so types can cause genital infections. Some types of HPV, typically HPV 6 and HPV 11, cause genital warts. The warts are rarely associated with cervical cancers. They are considered low-risk HPV. Other types can cause cervical or other genital cancers. The other seventy or so HPV types can cause infections and warts elsewhere on the body, such as on the hands. Most sexually active women and men will contract HPV at some point in their lifetime. Most will never even know it.

Usually, this virus does not cause any symptoms and doesn’t cause disease. HPV types associated with genital infections are transmitted sexually, primarily through skin-to-skin contact during sexual activity. HPV can also be spread through oral sex. The chance of getting HPV rises with certain risk factors: number of lifetime sexual partners, young age, and women who are sexually active with men who have other partners at the same time. There’s only one sure way to eliminate any chance of HPV infection: avoid all genital contact with another person.

Actual cervical cancer is rare in the U.S. because most women get Pap tests and have abnormal cells removed before they turn into cancer. Still, lots of women will find out they have cervical cancer every year and some will die of the disease. To reduce risk, it’s best to have a mutually monogamous sexual relationship with an uninfected partner. But keep in mind, many people don’t know if they’re infected. Using condoms can help prevent HPV transmission but are not foolproof. The virus can be transmitted to genital areas not covered by the condom.

Some vaccines were already approved for use. Over time, widespread vaccination will help prevent transmission of the HPV types covered by the vaccines. The Gardasil HPV vaccine protects against several high-risk strains of HPV, including HPV 16 and HPV 18, which account for seventy percent of cervical cancers. It also protects against HPV 6 and HPV 11, which account for about ninety percent of genital warts. Cervarix protects against HPV types 16, 81, 31, and 45, all of which can cause cervical cancer.

Often, the body can clear HPV infection on its own within two years or less. As for treatment, pregnant women, or women considering pregnancy, should consult closely with their doctor. The risk of passing HPV on to the baby is very low. But HPV treatments can affect pregnancy, so doctors may want to delay treatment until after childbirth. Among the HPV treatment options are surgery, laser treatment, and freezing. These methods are not always useful. Traditional theories postulated that once a person is infected, HPV remained in the body for a lifetime.

However, new studies using sensitive DNA techniques have shown that an HPV cure is possible through immunological response. Studies on compounds to cure warts demonstrate that plant medicine extracts created significant destruction of HPV cells as evidenced from DNA tests. Studies further concluded that among other warts cures, these extracts inhibited skin papillomas virus and decreased the conversion of papillomas to carcinomas which resulted in significant disintegration of HPV cells in DNA tests without damaging surrounding healthy tissue.

Plant medicine for warts is undiluted and unadulterated, which eradicates warts without causing harmful side effects. It contains stringently certified organic antiviral plant extracts, which have the ability to destroy HPV. This is essential when creating HPV cures, and it is of critical importance when applying anything to human body. Plant medicine for warts is offered at a great price compared to competing HPV cures. It treats multiple warts and is also most suitable among other genital warts cures in the market for those afflicted with stubborn strains.

Chemical drugs are poisonous, have much side effects, and are easy to present drug resistance while natural plant medicine has incomparable advantages in this respect. It’s difficult, long-period and expensive to develop pure synthetic new drugs, which makes the development of plant extracts and compound medicine become new choice. “Back to nature”, “green consumption”, and so on have become fashion, making natural plant medicine become good choice of modern healthcare as a matter of course. To learn more, please go to

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