Plant Medicine Kills HPV

by Rachel on October 14, 2010

Warts are caused by papilloma viruses. Warts can be contagious from skin to skin contact and all warts can spread from one part of your own body to another. Although the prevalence of common warts in the general population is unknown, warts occur in approximately 5%-20% of children and young adults. There are several different types of warts that have been identified. These vary in the site affected, shape, and type of HPV. Common warts are raised above the skin and have a rough surface. As a result they have a characteristic cauliflower-like appearance.Flat warts are flesh- or tan-colored warts that are smooth and flat. They usually occur on the hands, neck, face, wrists or knees and often in multiple amounts. Genital warts are venereal warts on the genitals. Special care must be taken with these. Plantar warts are usually encountered on the soles of the feet. Unfortunately, these grow inward, often resulting in a painful hard lump. This causes significant pain from just standing and walking, and so is a type that demands an immediate and fast-acting wart cure. It is not uncommon for these to have black spots in the center.Periungual warts are found in or around the nail, which often creates warts cure treatment challenges. Digitate or filiform wart is a thread-like wart occurring commonly on the face. Mosaic warts are tightly clustered plantar-type warts groupings. Cures must be particularly effective with these multiple groupings. Once cells become infected with HPV, the result is rapid reproduction of HPV cells on the outer layer of the skin, and cures for warts must act quickly to stop the spread. Several reports have suggested that occlusion with adhesive tape is an effective treatment.Occlusion with transparent duct tape was not statistically significantly more effective than moleskin for treating common warts in adults. The therapeutic mechanism for duct tape for treatment of verrucae is unknown. Doctors often propose the theory that occlusion leads to a deprivation of oxygen to the virus, essentially leading to suffocation. A second is that duct tape debrides and debulks the wart. Duct tape may work by psychological means, which may work better in children than in adults.The duct tape occlusion creates a macerating and keratolytic environment, which perhaps stimulates an immune response. In the pediatric population, it has been estimated that up to 65% of warts resolve spontaneously within 2 years, whereas some researchers believe that spontaneous resolution of warts occurs rarely in adults. Other most common therapies for warts include destruction, topical immunotherapy, chemotherapy, occlusion, and even hypnosis. These treatments are limited by cost, poor patient compliance, pain, or efficacy. These cures for warts are not always successful.Plant medicine kills HPV and provides a curative effect against warts. This all-natural warts cure treatment exhibits a broad spectrum of action against HPV. For warts, cures don’t come much better than plant medicine. It is established to eradicate and cure warts time after time. It is one of the most powerful and effective cures for warts on the market. Studies demonstrate that plant medicine extracts created significant destruction of HPV cells. Studies further concluded extracts used by this powerful wart cure inhibited HPV and decreased the conversion of papillomas to carcinomas.Chemical drugs are poisonous, have much side effects, and are easy to present drug resistance while natural plant medicine has incomparable advantages in this respect. It’s difficult, long-period and expensive to develop pure synthetic new drugs, which makes the development of plant extracts and compound medicine become new choice. “Back to nature”, “green consumption”, and so on have become fashion, making natural plant medicine become good choice of modern healthcare as a matter of course. Plant medicine therapy has been taken seriously day by day.This warts cure solution resulted in significant disintegration of HPV cells in DNA tests without damaging surrounding healthy tissue. Importantly, the medicinal properties in this cure have the demonstrated ability to reduce tumor growths resulting from HPV. The organic extracts also stimulate immune functionality, thereby strengthening the immune system. Plant medicine provides a safe and effective alternative to the invasive and expensive treatment. This highly effective wart cure contains certified organic anti-viral extracts that have the demonstrated ability to kill the wart virus To learn more, please go to

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