Plantar Wart Removal – Your Ultimate Guide

by Rachel on July 6, 2010

The infection of the skin, the more pop-out is placed on the bottom of the feet by the human papillomavirus (HPV), which they called plantar warts. Human papillomavirus is known to be the cause of certain diseases such as cancer of the cervix. To get rid of plantar warts, particularly pain, it provides as much as possible, this should be your immediate medical attention. There are many methods of treatment available to remove warts. Some of this may leave a small scar, but happy, some can not. You can also specify that the drug is a costly way or in a cheaper way. Most people like the natural way to eliminate plantar warts on the ground that the materials that may be relevant to the treatment can be seen in her kitchen. Due to the fact that natural remedies are less expensive, it is also proven safe and effective. It will not harm our skin and leaves no sign of scarring. Besides the natural methods to remove warts, there is also mention that they cryotheraphy gel therapy and the use of liquid nitrogen in cells is affected. But people who can use this type of treatment also feel a slight discomfort when the actual process is done, or you can still feel the pain the next day. for people who have plantar warts in the future to remove this is a non-toxic to the procedure step by step for plantar warts. a. First, you should wash your feet and dry thoroughly with a clean towel or clean cloth. b. Plantar wart shaved down a little flat and very carefully. Avoid shaving parts of the uninfected foot. The second method should not get a drop of blood. C. Do you have a small piece of tape on the size of the plantar wart. Put in the infected area carefully. band does not hide with a large amount of infected skin. d. Leave the tape on his feet for ten days. If the tape triggers in these days, replaced by the new cut. e. When the tenth day, remove the tape the feet slightly. You will see that the infected area is a little white. Then enjoy the foot in warm water while you’re also washing the stone with a plantar wart or scrubbing with a toothbrush that removes dead skin cells. f. If you still plantar warts do not disappear after this treatment, repeat the procedure again until the plantar warts ae have disappeared. Keep your feet clean and avoid borrowing things from people who are already infected, because warts are contagious plants. Sterilize your stuffing if necessary. Natural remedies can do something does not always succeed where the deep plantar warts. in this case, consult your doctor immediately. On the other hand, if you want to allocate your limited time and are very difficult to cure the infection, it will magically disappear.

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