Pregnancy And HPV: Will There Be Complications At All?

by Rachel on June 26, 2010

Pregnancy and HPV can probably cause injury to the unborn child. It can make a positive pregnancy. Therefore, it is also important, he must consult the gynecology and obstetrics, if a pregnant woman has HPV. During pregnancy, it is very important to know if the woman has genital warts. If she does, she will have difficulty urinating because genital warts to grow at a rapid pace, leading to a blockage of the birth channel. If the birth canal is blocked, pregnant women will undergo a caesarean section. But a cesarean delivery is usually not done only when genital warts are. Pregnancy and HPV does not affect the baby, but it can lead to birth defects. Rarely can a parent send to infection by HPV and warts in children. In this case, the warts in the throat and the baby’s mouth can be developed. It is curable, but it could be fatal for the child. HPV pregnancy, has no drugs available to treat the virus, however, natural treatment methods. When genital warts are present during pregnancy, the obstetrician may decide not to treat or treat. They are often better or disappear completely after the woman gives birth. Some treatments can be used to eliminate them safely during pregnancy. During pregnancy, there may be an increase of tissue changes in some pregnant women. It can lead to premature delivery, and therefore the doctor to remove the treatment of HPV. The doctor is observed when the warts are bigger, because hormonal changes can increase the warts and can sometimes lead to bleeding. If the warts are bigger and obstruction in the birth canal, it would be necessary to surgically remove the warts prior to birth. It is important that if a woman is planning to become pregnant, they need to contact their doctor if she has HPV. Natural contraception can eliminate this risk and a great help for the mother and baby to prevent complications during pregnancy.

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