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by Rachel on May 8, 2010

Genital human papillomavirus is a sexually transmitted disease. Basically, the skin and mucous membranes. Credible medical sources, he finds that there is a forty species of this infection that attacks the vulva genitals of men and women, the destruction of the skin of the penis and the vagina, anus, cervix and rectum. In general, most people with HPV do not know if they are infected, is one of the reasons shows that they are rarely sick or symptoms develop. However, it is estimated that some types of HPV can cause genital warts do, while others are called HPV that cause cervical cancer and other moderate cases of cancer such as cancers of the anus, penis the vulva and vagina. Also, note that the types of HPV that cause genital warts in contrast to those causes of cancer (Macharia, 2006).

Of course, genital warts usually appear as a small bump or a gathering of a few bumps in the genital area. Structurally, they may adopt, flat, single or multiple and in some cases, able to make a cauliflower. Various studies have been credited found that infection can occur anywhere in the vagina or anus, cervix or penis, including the scrotum, groin, and thighs. After infection, warts may appear after a few weeks or months. Overall, if left untreated, it can, of course, remain genital warts end, increase or remain unchanged, but no change in cancer.

Clinically, cancer of the cervix has no symptoms until it reaches a certain level, it is for women to undergo regular screening, and this also applies to these cancers, such desirable that the vagina, vulva, penis and anus, which are less frequent, but must be verified to avoid any growth or development. HPV causes genital warts and cancer caused by normal cells on infected skin or mucous membranes, are abnormal. Often, the body fight the virus, but do so in some cases with low risk HPV gene causes visible changes coming in the form of genital warts. However, in the case of HPV high-risk overtime virus in the system of man to stay for a long period, which can lead to cancer if the body’s immune system fails not clear to him there.

There is no cure for HPV, but there are treatments to the distress of health that create certain types of HPV, as can genital warts and cancer of the cervix. According to the World Health Organization estimated that more than one hundred million people are infected with HPV tw0 worldwide, that is, the reports finds that a further five percentage points worldwide obtain new HPV infections each year. Most young men at risk of contact with HPV infection, it is because many of them are sexually active and rarely pay attention to preventive measures such as condom use, even in the same line are people who have multiple sexual partners. Therefore, HPV is the most common sexually transmitted diseases in the world today. With the recognition of the etiological role of high-risk types of infection of human papillomavirus in cancer of the cervix, there was an intense focus on the use of HPV testing in cancer prevention and cervical investigative activities (Evans, 1988).

It is mainly in three areas: Tri-age women with a smear of low quality differences that are key screening and follow up of women recruited cervical intraepithelial neoplasia. Each of the three uses is based on the combination of types of HPV high-risk lesions earlier high. The largest local noted HPV testing for triage of low grade abnormal Pap smear, although the majority of women in these cytological results normal histology or lesions that are likely to have a relapse of this minority CIN 2 / 3 of this that the majority of high-grade lesions in some contexts. Existing recommendations for elderly women with low grade abnormalities are several options, including the monitoring and evaluation smear colposcopy only for those with persistent abnormalities or pressing colposcopy for all women. Is not ideal. The routine colposcopy is expensive and produces a large number of unnecessary procedures, while monitoring approach can smear lost cause women to monitor and lower the cost-benefit ratio, and the two approaches can be anxiety production, pending the completion of the evaluation.

Thus, the most effective way to prevent HPV in order to avoid contact with people infected areas or elements, or perhaps could HPV to the bacterial surface. In addition, others may end, there is a problem, municipal facilities such as dormitories, gyms and health clubs. It is recommended that protective gear such as shoes or slippers in public showers or swimming pools should be to help prevention of HPV-picking, although many health club facilities are usually disinfected. However, prevention of the spread of genital and anal region is more complex. The only unambiguous way to avoid the propagation is to control sexual contact with an infected or contaminated latent. HPV can be transmitted during foreplay and during the action that is not associated with contact with the vagina. Condoms can help a little, but probably for HPV warts, or condyloma in the scrotum of a man turning to the vulva of his partner in law, then outside of the condom, and then in vagina.

Parallel considerations apply to anal sex. As it is possible for a person with HPV is to be infectious before the appearance of lesions, pure test of a new partner is not an absolute certainty. How are infected increases in all sexually transmitted diseases, the risk of HPV by the number of cohorts and the number of allies to your partner. are less likely to prevent infections such as HPV, external genitalia, can affect the skin, for infections, specific areas of the mucosa and spread by seed, eg, chlamydia or limited by theory, contraceptives barricade such as gonorrhea condoms are effective, although the evaluation is the potential benefits of condoms for HPV advised by the absence of infection process stopped. Studies that have tried to assess the benefits of condoms for women have often found no evidence of protection, in addition to the infection. However, the available information was insufficient to assess the stability and relevance of condom use, and cross-sectional studies, HPV infection may have preceded the use of condoms. There is some evidence indicates a benefit, use condoms for men, although studies are limited and no data available for the female condom for women or men.

Some reports have suggested a benefit in preventing HPV-associated diseases, such as. , Genital warts, SIL, cancer of the cervix, for example by minimizing the viral inoculum, repeated viral load, or exposure to other co-factors might be involved in expansion of the disease. Therefore, a better perception of health is of great importance that the public in a better position to understand the impact of this infection that can cause other serious health problems such as HIV / AIDS. Sun and suppliers can better advance public understanding of patients and reduced the information to help them and their families or partners in case of STDs and awareness of the public’s ability to react in order to improve deterrent measures such as vaccination or screening.

Although it is clear that the data are limited by the understanding provider genital HPV infection. They suggest that providers are well aware of the nature of sexually transmitted infection and its correlation with cancer of the cervix, but less clear on the relationship of genital warts to cancer, the proposal for the use of different strategies, executive, transmission issues and indications for the evaluation cohort. This lack of clarity with the fear of discussing issues related to STDs and sexuality, and little time for counseling / education is linked, is often claimed by patients as insufficient information and advice. Limited data from some populations show a considerable amount of displacement of distress in patients with the diagnosis of genital HPV infection, genital warts or abnormal Pap smears, well beyond the level of physical discomfort. These include feelings of shock, shame, anger among partners and suppliers, depression and fear of complications and infection in progress, which can be used positively to prevent and fight against the spread virus.

Therefore, the best and safest method to prevent genital HPV infection to refrain from any genital contact and private contact without penetration of the genital area. For those who opt sexually vigorous, with an infected partner is probably the result the most effective way to sabotage the contamination. The human papillomavirus (HPV) is bug and how it is one person to another complex and does not include being adopted by researchers. There are no reliable tests to estimate the WHO or likely to transmit the virus. And more research and studies must be used to determine the effectiveness of condoms or female in the transmission medium. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has allowed a vaccine against HPV Gardasil said. The vaccine is for girls as little as nine years when appropriately approved option for girls eleven years and older, including older women who did not have when they grew up.

Medical studies have shown that the vaccine is safe and effective in preventing HPV strains such as 16 and 18, which is involved in about sixty per cent of cases of cancer of the cervix. Gardasil, as in three injections over a period of six months, is also very effective in preventing HPV strains 6 and 11, over ninety percent of the cause of genital wart cases. But even if Gardasil prevents a large proportion of strains of HPV, it does not have all the sign so that the Council approved in support of Pap test is not that the vaccine is most effective if a woman is already the One of these strains of HPV infected. It must be taken before infection. HPV testing is also an essential element of the defense should complications. Similarly, the Pap test, the most credible of HPV, which can detect cervical cancer specifically intentional in its infancy and also reveal unusual and HPV-cells. In combination with the Pap test, HPV testing in older women are used to assist in the detection of HPV infection using.

If a Pap test in women of this age group together, the HPV test to identify women at risk for developing cancer of the cervix, a Pap test is improved. Basically, it was found there is no safe way that HPV may be present, if a particular person to be sexually active. So if a person decides to avoid all sexual activity, there are ways we can prevent HPV, but very few people are willing to channel, and therefore what is sound as far as gender appropriate to this important in any way, or the other, it certainly could have different effects on a person’s life. Clinically, it is recommended to practice safe sex, whether oral, vaginal or manual is of crucial importance, which contributes to this, the transmission of HPV and other sexually transmitted diseases is reduced, but it is quite strongly that with condoms alone can not reduce the risk of infection.

Reduce the number of sex partners helps control the spread of this infection among peers and reduce the costs of the Fund in case of treatment used. This is not a strategy to say, everyone should be monogamous. However, if you have any sexual cohorts that you believe in the issues to be infected with HPV, are high, which means that you mount your risks significantly. However, some preventive measures include the promotion of girls and young women against HPV vaccine as a gesture of good potential wave of prevention of cervical cancer to receive. If not, should pay for the expensive vaccine to take care of resources used and young women receive regular Pap tests – a test that is incredibly effective in detecting cancer of the cervix.

Even abstinence programs instead of medical treatments are an excellent way to prevent the swelling of the HPV virus. Information on the vaccine against HPV should be integrated in health education in school curricula.

Epidemiological studies have shown that immunity to specific HPV type generated. Each type of HPV generates a neutralizing agent that is effective only against this type of HPV. There are a number of excellent candidates is a vaccine. It is believed that the most recent viruses that contain similar elements. Virus-like elements are purely capsid protein of HPV, none of the infectious genetic mechanisms had to be there. It follows therefore that not spermicidal foams, creams or gels are effective against all sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including against HPV. Thus, most governments are advising young people who can vaginal contraceptives with nonoxynol-9 vaginal irritation, which could climb through or increase the risk of infection. In addition, oral sex, she suggested the use of the dam, plastic wrap or a division and compressed non-lubricated condom. These resources provide a moisture barrier between the mouth and the vagina or anus during oral sex. Shun brush or floss before oral sex, which can potentially tear the oral mucosa. Furthermore, be careful with the type known sex toys. There could be a potential HPV by sex toys that are inserted into the vagina, but not completely before another person are used to switch to clean.

Human papillomavirus infections are a serious problem, and how different types of virus disease, his disease are persistent infections. The challenges for most viral diseases, they usually incurable, and therefore their prevention measures are very important in the fight for the facilitation of their effects. The treatment of HPV infections is difficult and in most cases they are unhappy in the end, both the victims and doctors. As established, the treatment prevents the onset of serious diseases associated with HPV infection.

It was obvious that include treatment of HPV-related disease treatment, genital warts and cancer of the cervix included. Eliminating these problems involves a variety of methods of physical removal, freezing and painting. The methodology is applied to determine some factors leading to clinical considerations, the type and size of warts.

In the methods of paint podophyllin and podophyllotoxin are commonly used solutions and applied to the infected part. Sometimes, a colorless, such as trichloroacetic acid is known, is applied to warts external rendering the virus in an unfavorable environment for the growth and development. Although safe and less costly to extend their treatment is not practical for the victims, and with much discomfort that results makes the use of these disadvantages are less important to the victims. Painting and freezing (cryosurgery) methods are effective in the treatment of pre-warts. Instead of painting techniques and cryosurgery, electrocautery, which is an etching process is used from time to time small warts clear. However, the above methods should be applicable for most wart removal and therefore the techniques are ineffective. In general, these are traditional methods that are used today by most health care providers.

With advances in technology, it has in the prevention of HPV as easily as possible through the use of drugs, which strengthens the immune system.

Surprising that there is more than a hundred types of HPV, thirty of these types will result in STDs to humans, but all these species, only four types can be prevented by vaccination. Sources show that the vaccine is effective in preventing infections caused by HPV strains 16 and 18. However, they are the most notorious strains are responsible for approximately 70% of cervical infections among women. Among the most worrisome things that the vaccine is developed only for a limited number of women. Because the result Gardasil vaccine, it can not by the ladies at the age of nine and twenty-six years will receive. With research showing that most girls are sexually active are at risk in activities at six years and involving the extension of similar behavior at the age of thirty, this means that many women are still vulnerable HPV infections.

Finally, the most important means of preventing HPV prevention cons of direct skin contact with physical or persons who are infected. In addition, the use of medicines and food that contains the necessary elements to enhance the immune system also strongly recommended as a means of mitigating the risk of HPV infection. The food is rich in folic acid, iron, and the role of vitamins in the prevention of diseases and infections of these compounds are useful in the control of HPV infection. Lentils, peas, oranges, food, the problem of HPV by increasing the immune system may be lower.

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