Protect Yourself From Genital Warts – Safety Precautions

by Rachel on July 28, 2010

What causes this problem?

It is a well known fact that the virus responsible for this embarrassing problem, the human papilloma virus is not a cure yet. The virus is spread primarily through sexual contact with an infected person. Any form of sexual contact bring your risk factors, whether vaginal, oral or anal

What are the mechanisms of transmission and what precautions should I take?

It is very important to note that even if sexual contact is the main way the virus is widespread, there is a great need to be careful because some people have been infected through sexual contact with infected people indirectly.

Who is the risk of infection?

Even if everyone on the risk of infection with HPV and genital warts, there are groups who are at increased risk of infection than others. It is reported that the largest proportion of patients are young adults in their twenties. This could be because it is usually the peak of sexual activity with many people and the risk they are very likely with multiple sexual partners. Those who have multiple partners are those who use drugs and alcohol even more vulnerable because the likelihood of irresponsible sexual behavior while under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Those who fall into these groups must take extra precautions because they are a high risk group easily. You must also be careful to keep track of a healthy lifestyle, strengthen the immune system to keep your system in the protection it needs against attacks from viruses and bacteria. All said and done prevention is less costly and much, much better than cure genital warts.


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