Question About My Pap Smear Test Results and my Colposcopy Test Results!?

by Rachel on May 11, 2011


I have a question about 2 results. I just recently had a pap smear exam this August and it came back to be Abnormal Results and my Doctor recommended that I would go to take the Colposcopy test and which I did, however my orginal doctor ended up moving to New York and I guess I have a new doctor and she told my colposcopy test results and said that I have a low grade of Hpv and that alot of girls get that at my age and it usually goes away on its own and to come back for a regular pap smear within 12 months. Now, this is my first time ever going through something like this and I did not like how the doctor told me she made it sound like everything is okay, while in a way I feel it is not and I want this thing this HPV to go away within my system. I have been with my finace for almost 4 years and I have had regular pap smears, however they all came back to be Normal, but this year it was abnormal. I will include the pap smear test results along with the colposcopy results and can please someone explain it a little better to me, even a website with some information will be useful and helpful. I just hate it and wish it can go away while I know some women are infected with it every time.

This is what my Pap smear results were:

SPECIMEN SOURCE: VCE;Date of LMP: Amenorrhea
ORDERED TEST: Thin Prep Pap with Image Analysis; HPV Reflex; High
Risk Groups Only
CLINICAL HISTORY: Prior Pap Smear: Within Normal Limits (NIL/M);
Date: 7/2008; Hormonal Therapy: BCP’s
Epithelial cell abnormality: Low grade squamous intraepithelial
lesion (LGSIL) encompassing mild dysplasia/ cervical intraepithelial
neoplasia CIN 1 and human papilloma virus (HPV) associated changes.

My Colposcopy results were:

Uterine cervix at 6 o’clock, biopsy:
- HPV changes (LGSIL).
COMMENT: The recent pap smear (ELI-09-37545) was interpreted as
LGSIL. Correlation is judged satisfactory.
Clinical Impression: LGSIL
SPECIMEN SITE: Cervix at 6 o’clock
The specimen is received in formalin labeled “cervix at 6 o’clock”,
and consists of a light tan piece of cervical tissue measuring 0.4
cm in greatest dimensions. The specimen is submitted entirely in a
single cassette.

Can someone please explain this to me a little better.

I know I am infected with the Hpv virus and that it is low grade, however I don’t understand the rest what they are trying to say exactly.

Any information would be appreciate and helpful. Thanks alot.

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Lily L May 11, 2011 at 5:48 pm

Okay, first of all, there is no such thing as low grade HPV. HPV is either high risk (cancer causing) or low risk (warts causing). The test you were given (“HPV Reflex; High Risk Groups Only”) tests for high risk HPV only. You have high risk HPV.

LGSIL is usually just written LSIL. It is the same thing as CIN 1. Also called low grade dysplasia. This is a VERY common and extremely mild abnormalitly. It’s mostly left untreated because it usually just goes away on it’s own. But you will need to be followed with more frequent paps until that happens!

Good luck.
To clarify, CIN 1 goes away on it’s own more than 70% of the time within 2 years. Over 90% will go away eventually. It is muych more common for it to regress than progress. The only time doctors usually recommend treatment for CIN 1 is if it has persisted longer than 2 years, OR if you were done with childbearing.

The treatment removes part of your cervix, which can lead to pregnancy complications. Other than that, it is quite safe. So basically, if your done with child bearing, there is very little reason not to have it done. If you still want to bear children in the future, definitely wathing and waiting is the way to go.

Also, cryotherapy isn’t that greath of an option. The LEEP is better. If you want more info on that, please email me.

mrsmor. May 11, 2011 at 6:19 pm

You had a specimen taken at 6 o’clock position of cervix[ think of your cervix as a clock ] . It showed you have a low grade cancer cell. I had that too and my obgyn did a cryo on my cervix. They take a nitro gas and place it in your cervix to freeze and destroy the cancerous cells. This does not mean you have cancer, you are at a low risk to develop it . The cryo will help prevent it . Some obgyns wait to see if it progresses before doing a cryo, mine did not . I would suggest you get a second opinion and take it from there . I know it can sometimes get worse if not treated . My cousin went very rapid into a high grade as well as me. We had the next procedure done, a leep cone where they cut out the cancerous cells in the cervix by out patient procedure. And you must continue to get a pap yearly as this may return . Please see another obgyn . I would ask a female friend or family member who they see and what they are like and choose one of them . I did and I havent had a bad pap in 6 years. Good luck and you will be able to have a family . The hpv is not low grade , its the cancer cells that are.

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