Surgical and Destructive Treatments for Genital Warts

by Rachel on August 5, 2010

There are several surgical treatments available and destructive to the treatment of genital warts, including cryotherapy, surgical excision, electrosurgery and laser vaporization. All are very effective treatment of genital warts. But to be used after surgery or chemical acids, we can expect a scar in this area.

Surgical removal of genital warts can be performed with scissors, scalpel or electrocautery. It is appropriate for any cause genital warts, but mainly for obstruction of large lesions. Scissors or scalpel excision is the best type of treatment, if a tissue sample is required to be submitted for histopathological examination to exclude malignancy.

Larger tumors may require adequate anesthesia (local, regional or general) and surgical instruments for hemostasis, as large genital warts are highly vascular. Patients may also experience severe pain after the procedure, especially when a large treatment area.

Electrosurgery or thermal coagulation or electrocautery to destroy HPV lesions affected. Local anesthesia is necessary to perform electrosurgery. There are two forms of electrosurgery. In the DC-form electro-surgery, called electrocoagulation, the current flows only through the instrument to produce heat, which is applied to the lesion.

In the form of electrosurgery AC? The current of the instrument, with the patient on a patch of ground. The AC system to produce cutting, coagulation, or a mixture of both. Fine-son loops can be used for excision. Studies show a 61-94 percent approval within 3-6 weeks of treatment.

Despite their effectiveness should be electrosurgery as second line treatment. Two randomized studies showed a slightly more effective in comparison to the electrotherapy, cryotherapy, although the differences in the results only briefly and did not persist after 3 months of follow-up.

The loop electrosurgical excision procedure (LEEP) was compared to a laser treatment for genital warts. Schoenfeld et al. 28 women studied and showed 86 percent of lesions with LEEP and 75 percent of lesions were treated with laser showed no HPV-DNA in a circumference of 20 mm of the lesion treated.

In clinical studies, 14-22 percent of patients relapse. They were checked for the recurrence after 3 months, there were 4 patients, the HPV DNA genome in the laser-treated side, the houses next to the initial injury, compared with a patient who developed a recurrence in the RAD page in a more distant, untreated area before.

Among all types of treatments for genital warts, genital surgery, subjects the patient to a highly invasive procedure. This method can be very uncomfortable and inefficient, and may also genital scars. An alternative antiviral therapy is now available, which is a very promising solution to the growing epidemic of genital warts.

HPVCurative cure is a new very efficient and powerful for genital warts. It is noted cures for his role in the field of genital warts, and the total clearance of the infection and over again. It contains organic plant extracts and anti-viral essential oils, the ability, as a remedy against HPV has shown in laboratory certified to act.

Traditional theories postulated that once a person is infected, HPV remains in the body for a lifetime. However, recent studies using sensitive DNA techniques have shown that a treatment against HPV is possible, by an immunological reaction. For example, for studies on compounds to treat genital warts show that the extracts produced HPVCurative “substantial destruction of HPV-cells, as evidenced by DNA testing.”

These studies concluded that, among other things, the treatment of genital warts, HPVCurative best extracts “inhibited skin papillomas (HPV) and a decreased conversion of papillomas to carcinomas, in which” significant apoptosis (resolution) of the test HPV DNA in the cells without damaging surrounding healthy tissue resulted.

HPVCurative has powerful medicinal properties that reduce the astonishing capacity, tumor growth of HPV. The organic extracts in this treatment and the features of stimulation and thus strengthen the immune system. For more information, visit http://www. bcured. net.

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