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by Rachel on September 19, 2014

There are many symptoms of early design, many of which are mistakenly attributed to other causes, or are very subtle and can be difficult to detect. If you see more than three or four of these symptoms at once, but it is likely that you are pregnant.

The main symptoms of the design so they occur.

If you monitor your basal body temperature drop of the body, the first character of the idea is that you can find a crack in the basal body temperature. In this case, the day when the implant in place.

second Implantation bleeding occurs
eight to ten days after conception, the fertilized egg begins to attach to the wall of the uterus. This can result in very light bleeding or spotting that can be almost imperceptible

f├╝hren.3. Implantation cramps
is another effect of the fetus to the uterine wall, you will experience abdominal cramps similar to many women during their menstrual cycles.

fourth positive Sang implanted hCG pregnancy test
Once enough embryonic HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is released into the bloodstream, it is then possible to determine if you are pregnant with a blood test. This usually occurs ten days after conception.

fifth test positive urine pregnancy
About the fourteenth day after conception, pregnancy test kit gives a positive result if you are pregnant. The test at any time before, which can show a negative result from the hCG has not reached the urine in sufficient quantities for now.

6 A period stopped
If a woman thinks of neck seals closed for the duration of pregnancy. Thus, a missed period is one of the most obvious and looked at the symptoms of conception. A period of a woman usually begins fourteen to sixteen days after ovulation.

7 Nausea morning sickness all day and does not occur only in the morning, is one of the signs of pregnancy that can be noticed by others around you . The nausea usually starts between two weeks and one month after fertilization occurs.

8 Breast tenderness
you can start your breasts or nipples feel remarkably delicate than usual in three to four weeks after conception. A few weeks later, you may also notice a darkening of the areola around the nipples.

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