Symptoms of bird flu

by Rachel on July 6, 2015

You should be aware of all the bird flu have symptoms, but you should not get panic when you feel while still overloaded.

People around the world must be equipped with the basic knowledge of the disease, such as understanding the symptoms of bird flu and how to prevent it, and should communicate and in the international effort to end the string of bird flu victims cooperate.

Meanwhile, technological advances, has crossed the digital divide. There are far fewer barriers to communication now. In addition, it is now possible to diagnose most serious diseases. In many cases we can even cure these diseases.

A specific influenza virus (H5N1) will be present if there is a real case of bird flu. There are many flu viruses in birds and humans, some cause few or no symptoms. Only the H5N1 virus is thought to cause severe symptoms of bird flu from birds.

It is very important near a medical center, artificial respiration and possibly antivirals, especially in the early stages of the disease can give to get. Treatment is symptomatic and must overcome following kidney or lung failure and the spread of the virus.

The professionals are currently looking bird flu claim that rimantidine and amantadine, two drugs against influenza cheap and popular, has no power over bird flu, Tamiflu and Relenza, but two other drugs against influenza, can indeed effectively deal with the viral disease.

You can find out how his plague is a disease that is transmitted by rats. Similar is the case with bird flu. Double disease transmission is possible and it is considered in this case. It is transmitted from birds and from birds to human transfer.

precautions such as masks and washing hands can help
The risk of symptoms of bird flu, when to cut in these areas.
The scientists found that in many groups of the bird flu epidemic in human virus human infection may be a logical explanation for the finding that many relatives got sick leave is the virus of the same dying bird.

would least four months required to produce a new vaccine that can confer protection in significant quantities before a new subtype of virus. Such a vaccine will not be easy to produce, since the virus kills chicken eggs usually used for vaccines against influenza mass produce.

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