Symptoms of cataract

by Rachel on December 4, 2014

cataract can be removed in a number of different ways. Treatments for cataracts include various types of operations, and even the use of lasers to remove or correct. It is commonly believed that treatment of cataract with the use of lasers is done.

The method of cataract not only clouds the lens, it also makes your goal swells a little. If your goal is more, you are a bit short-sighted. Thus, in the early stages of cataracts, just change your eyeglass prescription is generally restore your sight.

cataract surgery on the eye:

Some people need this type of surgery, because cataracts interfere in the early stages of development, often associated with the treatment of other eye problems such as macular degeneration or diabetic retinopathy, which are also among the elderly,

cataract different characteristics and forms. Sometimes cataracts are superficial and can be easily removed by scraping cataract eye nerves or the lens itself. If another direct manual intervention will not cure, the doctor will decide with laser uses the operation easier and faster rendering.


Surgery is the most effective treatment for the removal of cataracts. One type of cataract surgery is extracapsular surgery that removes only the affected lens, so that the majority of the capsule intact lens. The other surgical removal of the cataract is an intra-capsule operation that removes the entire lens of the eye. This replaces the cataract lens with a durable plastic lens.

Cataracts and dietary supplements, there is a possibility that vitamins and minerals can help your risk of cataracts in the reduction. The simple answer is yes. And with more than 300 drugs prescribed as contributors to this state, it makes preventive action, all the more important.

The common causes of cataracts:



3 metabolic disorders


5 Smoking

This condition to the objective, the clear part at the front of the eye focuses light on the retina and produces images that we let’s see. To see a sharp image, the lens must be clear enough so that light can pass through to be in a picture that we see with our brains translated.

Nuclear cataracts develop in the center of the lens, and some people a better view for a short period of time to happen when he first begins to form. Unfortunately, this improvement in visual acuity is not the last cataract begins or yellowish reducing the amount of light that passes through the retina, causing blurred vision.

The symptoms of cataracts

1.Cloudy or blurred vision

2.Problems with light, including headlights that seem too bright.

3.Faded colors.

4.Poor night vision.

In addition to blurred vision or blurred, you can find frequent changes in your eyeglass prescription, decreased color vision, sensitivity to bright light, halos around lights and poor night vision. Some or all of these symptoms can occur in varying degrees. Cataracts can develop rapidly in a few months or slowly over a period of several years. In many cases, both eyes are affected, but not necessarily simultaneously.

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