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by Rachel on March 14, 2015

Dementia is supposed to be a serious loss of cognitive skills in a person who has not affected beyond what is believed to be a normal aging process for a person. It can be either static or progressive. The first is a variety of brain damage, while the second leads to a long-term decline due to illness or injury in the body.

A complex disease with a variety of symptoms, caused dementia in the brain’s cerebral cortex affect the ability of a person to hear, feel, look, think, see and communicate. Similarly, if a general decline in mental ability is often accepted as a part of aging, dementia can be difficult to diagnose at an early stage and common symptoms of dementia can be declared as a normal part of life.


First Alzheimer

. 2 Lack of acetylcholine

. 3 Dementia Due to the abuse of long-term alcohol.

. 4 multi-infarct dementia

This innovative approach dementia processing provides a simple and relaxing immersion in a quiet environment in which patients experience a number of positive stiuli. In this space, the walls and ceiling are white with a soft cloth, which enhances a sense of safety and security, without sacrificing comfort
It seems that there are two ways that people with higher cognitive reserve to offset the effects of aging or brain damage. Either they increase the efficiency of their existing alternative networks or win.

with Lewy bodies is to reflect on the loss of the ability to reason and think. Such as Alzheimer’s disease, it causes the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease such as confusion, memory loss, consciousness, delusions and depression decreased; and as Parkinson’s disease, it causes physical disorders such as tremor and rigidity.

In the later stages of the syndrome, a person may be disoriented in time; For example, he can not know what time or what day of the week. It can also mean disorientation in terms of location, for example, a person may forget where they are. Finally forgetting people with dementia, even friends and family they have known for years

meine.Demenz can be treated particularly often, unfortunately, most of the effects are generally this is due to causes which can not be cured.

Aging is a process that most people are afraid and prefer to ignore or delay. Although there are many medical advances that have made healthier, aging is inevitable. This is a process that can be painless or very difficult and full of suffering.

There are many institutions that have been made to address some specific needs of the aging process. If senility is a symptom of old age that appeal to you, it is important to have a dementia nursing home healthy choice and not a nursing facility.

cold water fish is high on the list of foods because brain EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids present in cold-water fish, have been linked to over function Memory and brain in combination. The chosen by Melaleuca for the supplement Unforgettables fish are anchovies, mackerel and sardines. These fish are small and live only a short time; not long enough to accumulate a harmful accumulation of mercury. Fish are also for mercury content before processing checks.

Vascular dementia occurs when a person’s brain does not receive enough oxygen for an extended period and the reason for the cancellation of the ship oxygen of nature. Normally, the blood carries enough oxygen to all parts of the human body.

It can be difficult to determine whether a patient with Alzheimer’s disease or a urinary tract infection because they can not fully able to verbalize their feelings. You can not understand or be able to express pain, frequent urination, etc.

An infection can an imbalance in substances and lead salts in the blood and reduce production of the hormone carries the formation of red blood cells.

The nursing home must be registered and licensed under the local government, so they have all the facilities, people age. Costs and other details must sooner that there is no future confusion related to money and other benefits
are discussed.
The most common symptoms are:

first memory loss: the person forgets the way back, people forget their names and common pathways can. Sometimes it’s hard to remember what is happening lately.

. 2 Keep fancy the person has a lot of mood swings due to damage to parts of the brain to protect and control the emotions caused

0.3. Communication difficulties the person has difficulty in reading, writing or speaking


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