Symptoms of insomnia

by Rachel on January 25, 2015


A) insomnia features:

Common problems in both falling asleep or staying asleep at night, bekannt.Die be as frequent insomnia causes of insomnia are late or eat a heavy meal or drink a lot of alcohol or tea, cola, coffee than usual. Sedentary activity or lack of adequate physical activity on most days also result in insomnia. Irregular working hours, work late at night or shift work, fatigue usually in insomnia führen.Eine person suffering from anxiety and depression or insomnia and difficulty sleeping when he goes to bed in the evening or during the night or early morning awakening and struggle to recover einzuschlafen.Herz or lung disease can someone blows on flat beds and can accommodate reduction beeinträchtigen.Plötzlich / exit medications such as tranquilizers, sleeping pills can sleep führen.Häufige signs and symptoms of insomnia are body aches, feeling of heaviness in the head, yawning, dizziness, feeling of heaviness in the body and digestive disorders, dizziness usw.Viele find people they sleep less when they are older and a universal Problem.Einige insomnia is especially during the last. weeks before delivery of pregnancy often

B) Aims of massage:

To reduce the relaxation of body and mind stress they need to massage works on the physical and the touch psyche helfen.Um anxiety, depression, etc. relieving mental stress reduzieren.Zur total signs and symptoms of insomnia such as body aches, etc. reduce good massage of the appropriate head can help neurotransmitter and hormone serotonin depletion of the brain lead to anxiety, depression, irritability, etc. to increase, leading to sleep disorders

C) Massage process.

1 area of ??the body are massaged .. Especially on the head, but usually full body massage is recommended

2. Direction of massage movements:

Over the head, should movements in circular or vertical spirit Richtung .Über should be Richtung.Über vertical temporal region (above the ears) should sein.Beide circular feet should be massaged in the vertical direction

3 tips Useful massage.

Oil should be the massage warm.Verwenden small amount of oil at a time, or oil on the neck and other parts of the body you fließen.Vermeiden, more pressure or overhead friction because it’s the hair roots and cause pain you weh.Vermeiden above palm of his head, but circular or vertical action of fingers as useful index and middle finger with the thumb to the absorption oil for erleichtern.Der middle of the forehead and front side ends with thumb circular effect should oil massaged werden.Mehr should be massaged onto soft spot on the head. Massage can be either in the morning or evening before going to bed, it will help more relaxation and induce sleep state geschehen.Kontinuierliche massage for 25-30 minutes. At least 7 days continuously massage must be given with visible effects

D) using different oils for massage

Oils is hot / cold. nature, but that will nourish the brain and other tissues bevorzugen.Ölen as sesame oil, coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, etc. used werden.Pflanzliche drugs such as Bacopa monnerei, Sida cordifolia etc should sesame oil used in the manufacture of medicinal oil as a base, because these drugs offer strength and nourishment to the brain and relieve mental stress and promote sleep added
symptoms Insomnia


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