Symptoms of sinusitis

by Rachel on February 8, 2015


A) properties Sinusitis:

Sinusitis is an inflammation of the sinus mucosa (air spaces in the bones around the nose), sinuses are filled with pus and mucus. It is caused by bacteria or virus infection wird.Es occurs when a strong viral infection or partially closes the nasal cavity, resulting in an inability to drain and infection by bacteria already in the sinuses. Sinuses in the forehead just above the eyes and sinuses, which are behind the cheekbones are often infected. It is common in people allergic attacks or other types of rhinitis or jumping into the water feet first without frequent handles. Especially smokers get whenever they kalt.Nach first cold days can increase blockage in the nose worse and greenish discharge. Later, because of the passages between the nose and sinus relief can also be blocked to stop so you stuffed more than ever. You have to breathe through the mouth, nasal voice is, you can have bad breath and you are usually assigned sick sinus fühlen.Wenn you can headache or both eyes and is worse when you wake up in the morning, or bend your head forward. The lower surface of the forehead just above the eyes may bid fühlen.Wenn maxillary sinuses are affected, can affect one or both cheeks. You feel as if you have in your sore jaw teeth. Sometimes sinusitis can dental treatment folgen.Wenn ethmoid are affected, you can be the lower eyelid swollen, especially when you wake up in the Morgen.Röntgen / CT skull is useful in diagnosing the disease.

B) Aims of massage:

the secretion of mucus through the nose mucus erhöhen.Um hot style oil to lubricate the verflüssigen.Um drying cycle between the nose and sinuses by type of creamy oil

C) Massage process.

first area of ??the body are massaged: Part

facial massage on sinus. Massage above the head is also recommended because it increases the feeling of heat in the head area

2 direction of massage movements

massage movements on the head. and face must be circular. Massage your nose should be vertical sinus Richtung.Einzelne rooms should be massaged with the help of fingers

. 3. Useful massage tips:

oil must be hot during the massage to reduce the effect of the cold and also expected in the amount of oil Verstopfung.Weitere nose used in chronic cases such as mucus is dried and verstopft.Wenn strongly the patient is able to take the pain, more amount must be applied to the pressure to help clear the congestion. Also friction should be more on the areas of the head and sinuses werden.Platz used to sinus individual should werden.Bei rubbed off using the thumb and the use of multiple chronic pressure or friction should have regular massage for longer periods provided werden.Lokale envelopes or inhalation of water vapor after the massage is very useful. Publish more massage, nasal drops to help Medicated Oil massage reduzieren.Nach process to avoid contact of constipation with cold air and cold food strictly.

. Add moisture to the air with a vaporizer or humidifier
D) using different oils for massage:

Oils using the powerful and hot in nature, so it dried mucus and clear blockage to liquefy. Cold oil in nature, such as coconut oil must necessarily werden.Je avoided by gravity, the use of sesame oil, mustard oil is olive oil, etc. empfohlen.Pflanzliche drugs such as Vitex negundo, Celastrous Pandanus should Acorus calamus etc. with the sesame oil in the oil producing medicated after consulting medical expert added that the base
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