Symptoms of Stroke

by Rachel on November 27, 2014

neurological studies have shown that when the stroke symptoms detected in the first three hours, it is possible to reverse the adverse effects. Therefore recognize the symptoms of a stroke is crucial to overcome the long-term effects of stroke. The Stroke Recovery can take months or years to recover. In some cases, never occur because of neurological damage full recovery.

The brain is a very complex control body functions and meaning of the whole body. Any interference in the brain leads to other areas of the body to function erratically or stop working. This is how suffering a stroke, disrupt the brain causing him to lose the functional abilities of other body parts. There are two types of moves.

blockage in the arteries that carry blood to the blood vessel Gehirn.Platzen a blood leakage in brain tissue

As the race affects the body depends on the nature of the attack and location. Line the effects are:

paralysis on both sides of the problem of the body in both eyes or just a sudden change problem behavior or sudden amnesia about or garbled speech loss slow body movements memory uncertain

The understanding and recognition of the five stroke symptoms:

1. If someone has a sudden onset of weakness or numbness of the face or limbs on one side of the body.

2. If they suddenly confused. They are incapable of you or what you say, to understand. Are they talking about difficulty speaking or unable? Mutilated their language and unclear? See if his mouth sags on one side.


3. Your experience blurred vision or double vision of the eye.

4. You need to get a sense of loss of balance, dizziness, or disability. If they are, they are respected? When they go, they are folded and have trouble walking? When they sit, they will be inclined to side?

5. develop intense headache and suddenly, for no apparent reason.

This is a simple and quick test to see if a person suffering from a stroke. Ask the person to see the following tasks, how they react.

Ask them to smile. Note that if she can smile. Can they smile? Ask them to talk to you. Can they talk? Ask them to raise their arms above their head. Can they move both arms up? Ask them to hold their tongues. If the language is static or obliquely to the side and not just come out of his mouth?

If the person has difficulty in performing any of these tasks, they probably suffered a stroke and seek immediate medical attention. Symptoms of a stroke may temporarily be continued for a few minutes or even hours. Do not neglect any of these symptoms of stroke, even if the stroke symptoms seem to disappear and the person seems to be in order. Seeking medical care! If the stroke caused by a blood clot treatment within three hours after the medication is working.

Brian F. Brown is a doctor and author who is in Indiana. He maintains a website that provides information on how to control and normalize blood pressure, visit the website of Brian

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