Teenage Relationship Dangers Hpv

by Rachel on June 13, 2010

As transmitted HPV

If a person comes into contact with a person who has HPV, a sexually oriented way, it is likely they have the virus in combination. Almost all cases have been confirmed came following sexual intercourse, oral sex or activities. Fluids of an infected person passed through the skin in the genital area, and mucous membranes. Any exchange of body fluids can lead to infection of this state. Young people often think they are not infected with a sexually transmitted disease, or that AIDS is the biggest concern, they should have learned that it is not easy to be true. HPV is a disease that spreads quickly wreck havoc on the health.

Symptoms of HPV

There are many symptoms associated with HPV. The most common reason is that genital warts. It is important to understand that every case of this particular virus is in the visible warts in the genital area of the individual, the lead is infected. If warts are detected, they can be any size, and / or shape. discovered Unfortunately, outside the visible genital warts or warts, which can be found on the thighs, anus, or in other locations outside of the body, most of the symptoms of indoor and can be a great amount of damage was caused.


Adolescent relationship is a danger not only because she is a sexually transmitted disease, but also because they result in the development of various cancers in men and women. develop examples of different types of cancer, which are among the other from cancer of the cervix, colon cancer and species. These cancers can be treated in most cases. The problem is common when someone that this condition, the symptoms associated with cancer can be discovered when it is too late. The kids really need to know the facts of this particular disease.


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