The Beauty of Natural Treatments For Warts

by Rachel on July 14, 2010

Common warts are the direct result of coming into contact with the human papilloma virus. HPV is an infectious disease, warts can pass from one person to another. The virus causes warts, which spread even if the same people who object was used by an infected person touches. Since not everyone has the same reaction of the immune system warts affect men and women on a individual basis. Although some types of warts like genital warts are very contagious, the real possibility of warts common public is another fairly thin. You can not just spreading to other warts, but warts can also travel to other parts of the body. Some examples can be avoided biting as a habit, doing nails, warts can spread on the fingertips and nails in the region. Warts spread to other locations where breaks in the skin (like a scratch or desires) can enter the virus.

The result determines the location of a wart, the type of HPV, the wart has caused. There are some signs and symptoms of the condition of the nipple are connected. They are flesh color can often, but we also know, pink or brown. If you touch a wart, you will find it rough. They are usually painless, that despite some less out, coagulated blood vessels.

To prevent the spread of warts, timely treatment is one of the things you do some of the discomfort should facilitate visual and social creates the wart. If you ignore the treatment of warts, increases the chances of spreading the virus and the risk of embarrassment if someone has a growth spots of the skin.

(1) prescription drugs is one of the most common ways to relieve the symptoms of warts. Warts are typically treated with acid topical. But removing a wart with acid requires a strict regimen of cleaning the environment, the application of acid to remove dead skin with a pumice stone or emery board. (2) The freezing of tissue with liquid nitrogen is also used. This leads to a bubble, the bubble cure warts, we hope to come to this moment. However, this treatment of warts are not always successful. “In fact, after treatment can warts due to the activation of latent virus in healthy skin near the lesions recur. Most patients with warts require several treatments over a course of several weeks or several months. If substantial improvements have not been to the end of three physician-administered treatments or if complete healing has not occurred after six treatments, another treatment method should be used. All drugs that are used for disease HPV topical application to skin surfaces. Local reactions of the skin and pain are common side effects. “As stated on WebMD Dr Peter A Gearhart, Staff Physician, Department of Gynecology at the Hospital Pennsylvania. (3) is more difficult to warts surgically removed or burned. After surgery or acidic chemicals used to expect a scar in this area.

Other than the above mentioned methods, there is a new treatment safer and more effective against warts, which is a natural medicine and the effectiveness of plant extracts in the treatment of known diseases. herbal medicine is in perfect harmony with the human body. Natural substances can better absorb the synthetic drugs, because our bodies are designed to exploit natural plant molecules and to heal. In comparison, synthetic substances, foreign to our system and have been introduced in the last 80 years. Our bodies are not created to accept or metabolize these synthetic materials that explain why they have suffered more deaths than those of U.S. forces during the Vietnam War. Drug receptors and block the system confusing. The plant extract compounds represent the molecules of life itself, in perfect harmony with the biochemical system of man.

When they take herbs in therapeutic treatments that are cured suitability of the same connections that use the plants themselves. antimicrobial plant extracts can be used to repel attacks by invading microbes in our system. Medicinal plants have therapeutic properties for centuries and their results in the clinical observations that have been used. These properties using pharmacological tests on animals have been validated, isolated tissue and cell cultures showed that medicinal plants provide excellent results in curing the human body.

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