The Cancer Scam!

by Rachel on July 20, 2010

Did you. . . that, according to estimates by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), which one in five adults in the United States have no health insurance? It added nearly 45 million Americans without insurance! Of those members, with 20 million without adequate coverage and still can not afford yet, care, or even cover the cost to obtain their medications. So why should you care about this? Because even if you’re one of the lucky ones who just is not a member you are guaranteed peace of mind. Why? Because of adequate health insurance simply means that the costs of care in case yourmedical likely that you get sick covered. Is it not infinitely better if you do not get sick at all? Yes, of course! And if you think it is not possible to prevent disease altogether, think again. Prevention and treatment of disease is only one question to determine the cause of the disease – and get rid of. It is really easy! This complicates the healing process is the disease that everyone has an opinion different from that Speicherkata the cause of the disease. 1) Some say, viruses are the culprits [e. g. The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) causes AIDS, human papillomavirus (HPV) caused cervical cancer virus causes avian influenza, and so on]. 2) Some insist that it is causing microbes, germs or harmful bacteria that cause disease. 3) Some say it’s the toxins in the foods we eat, the air we breathe and the substances we consume, which cause diseases (eg, carcinogens, neurotoxins, heavy metals and products toxic chemicals). 4) Still others say it is our genes that make us susceptible to the acquisition of a disease or another. 5) And then, of course, there are those who believe that the “mother” of all diseases isSTRESS. Which of those above you, what is the right answer? If one or more of five causes of the disease collected above, your answer is wrong. Although all the above * * do not characterize most diseases, or possibly * be precursors of the disease, they do not cause disease. For example, these viruses are not, germs, bacteria and harmful disease-causing bacteria. Want to “their natural habitat – diseased tissue – rather than the cause of the diseased tissue, such as mosquitoes seek the stagnant water, but not the cause of the pool again.” It is from the famous “Father pathology,” said Dr. Rudolf Virchow. In addition, germs, bacteria, viruses and pathogens not cause disease but are looking environments in which they grow best – and who is deprived of oxygen to organs. Neither does the toxins, genes and stress cause disease. Instead, they make a statement in the body (lack of oxygen), which causes the disease. He introduced the first solid evidence that the root cause of all physical illnesses seen linked in one way or another the lack of oxygen. In fact, many complexes of (and expensive) medical treatment offered byorganized the effect of oxygen on the use of diseased cells. Most conventional therapies against cancer, for example, including chemotherapy and radiotherapy produce active oxygen to kill events, the cancer cells. Another new drug, verteporfin, increases the amount of oxygen in cancer tumors and kill more than radiation alone. drug interferon, which are essential for the treatment of multiple sclerosis are prescribed their effectiveness because they increase the oxygen level in the body. It is safe to conclude that many drugs in much the same way, the oxygen supply in “The One Minute Cure article – but drugs costing tens of thousands of times a minute, some cents per day, self-administered treatment presented in the book. In addition, treatment of one minute came with no side effects of toxic drugs in general and other medical treatments associated radical. There are many natural therapies based on oxygen are available for prevention and the so-called “cure” diseases, such as thebloodstream as hydrogen peroxide, oxygen-rich foods or supplements or treatments, the release of oxygen. But they are not always effective in treating diseases. Although they can provide oxygen in the blood, they have no effective mechanism to break free oxygen molecules of hemoglobin in the blood that has provided oxygen, not by the cells and tissues. It is only when oxygen is delivered to cells and tissues can be eliminated from the disease. The therapy is easy to discover in “The One Minute Cure” is the only * a * a natural substance that oxygen, which stimulates the movement of oxygen atoms in the bloodstream into cells to a dramatically stronger than usual in is reached by any other means. It does this by * * increasing oxygen and the dissociation of hemoglobin, thus maximizing the oxygen in the blood cells, according to a leading doctor is the best treatment for AIDS patients with a complete protocol that Oxygen is known

Therefore, the healing of one minute – or made – somebody better health insurance, because even if they do not have coverage where you can get sick, there is something better – it prevents you still sick in the first place. If you already grow about a disease that brings healing to your body than a minute to a state rich in oxygen, can survive in your disease or not. So if you eliminate the cause of almost all diseases, it’s literally impossible to get sick! In one minute, the only effective treatment method to eliminate the root causes of the disease – and the best part is that there can be self-administered at home is safe to use, costs only 1-1 / 2 cents per day and has no negative impact if used properly. If you do not themselves want this type of health insurance and give a gift to all of you interested in? Here’s a quick overview of what you find in “The One Minute Cure: * get the flu! Bacteria, pathogens, pathogens and viruses (including influenza) are in contact with this natural substance destroyed – without the side effects of drugs or antibiotics. * Medicines against asthma (composed of beta-agonists) that relax the airway muscles and help those who suffer from asthma breathe easier – but does not cure asthma or reduce inflammation in the airways. Discover the first and the only known natural remedy that actually causes the body to naturally rid of asthma. * Good news for people suffering from arthritis! In 1914, Dr. Edward C. Rosenow shown (Clinic Mayo) that this natural substance, the oxygen-oxygen-hating organisms kills to lead to arthritis (Streptococcus viridans).

* Each person is suffering from “slight brain damage” due to gradual oxygen deprivation – and that causes unexplained illnesses such as depression, low energy, irritability, impaired mental function and discernment. Learn how this treatment may improve brain injury every day, the reverse energy, improve memory, attention and concentration – and even increase your IQ, you can live without illness for a long, long time!

Lynne GordonIch want to save the world – one person, a cat and a dog at a time.

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