The HPV Vaccine for Cervical Cancer

by Rachel on July 13, 2010

Gardasil: Cancer of the cervix is caused by a virus, many people in their 20s and young people. There is now a vaccine to protect women against the most common cause of cervical cancer of the uterus: a virus called HPV. What is HPV? HPV (human papillomavirus) is a common virus that affects women and men. There are currently more than 100 types of HPV. Most of them are relatively harmless, such as common warts on the hands and feet. For most people the defense system of the body itself will eliminate the virus. However, there is a certain type of HPV you really know. Genital HPV affects: Approximately 30 types of HPV in the genital area. may cause – some are “high risk” types (HPV types 16 and 18), abnormal cells and cancer of the cervix – Other causes “low risk” types (HPV types 6 and 11) , genital warts can. Genital warts: Genital warts are usually flesh-colored growths that are most often caused by certain “low-risk HPV types. If you have any type of sexual activity with HPV and genital warts genital contact – transport is not necessary to have. And many people with HPV are not genital warts or other symptoms, so that they can pass the virus without knowing it. Warts can appear in the coming weeks, months – or sometimes not at all. More often than you think: The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that 80% of women have had HPV at age 50. It is estimated that most people against HPV in the first 2-3 years, sexually active. A vaccine against cancer? Gardasil is a vaccine to protect against the following diseases using (these are the diseases caused by HPV types involved in the vaccine (6, 11, 16 and 18)): – The abnormal cervical cancer and precancerous lesions, abnormal- vaginal precancers and genital warts-wartsGardasil is indicated for girls and women 9 to 26 The vaccine is also a series of three injections at 0, given 2 and 6 months. Gardasil is designed to prevent, not treat the above diseases. However, you can benefit from Gardasil if you already have HPV. That’s because most people are not infected with all four HPV types contained in the vaccine. In clinical studies, people are caused by one or more types of HPV vaccine-associated disease before vaccination with other vaccine against HPV types protected. What about other women and men age? The main objective is Gardasil for women against HPV types that cause cervical cancer protection. Men are apparently not at risk for cancer of the cervix, so this time there is no effort to vaccinate people. Some men, however, to receive the vaccine only for the partial protection against genital warts, they give him the authority. How effective is the vaccine for the protection of human genital warts is not yet sufficiently studied. The average age of women is based on the fact that HPV is a sexually transmitted virus that most women face in the first 2-3 years, sexually active, is based.

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