The link between smoking and HPV

by Rachel on May 28, 2010

To reduce any possible misunderstanding right away: smoking does not cause HPV, and it does not increase your chances of HPV public (at least not more than that increases your chances of contracting an illness). The main reason why you should not smoke is now and always has been and will always be the possibility of lung cancer. However, there is a link between HPV and smoking cigarettes. The year 2001 saw the Journal of American Medical Association, that smoking may contribute significantly to bear the risks of infection with cancer-causing strains of HPV to the escalation of cervical cancer. Smoking increases the risk of cancer, whatever. Not all smokers develop risk HPV LSIL or low-grade dysplasia, a condition that leads to cancer of the cervix, but smoking certainly does not help matters, either. If you smoke, stop. Even if you do not have HPV Smoking can further increase your risk of developing cancer of the cervix (HPV responsible for about 70% of cervical cancers, but that leaves more than 3,000 cancer victims the cervix that do not have HPV). In addition to increasing the risk of cancer, smoking damages the immune system. This means that you are more susceptible to HPV, influenza, and even a cold, if you smoke. Here are two things to note: Be SafePractice safe sex. Remember, even with a condom, HPV can be transmitted, if your sexual partner know. It’s a good idea to have a STD test will receive if you are not sure, are you or your partner or partners. Practice monogamy is also a good idea, because studies have shown that the risk of getting HPV by about 1000% jumps with each new sexual partner (to each his own, but consider your health). There is a vaccine against HPV on the market for a high-risk forms of HPV. Ask your doctor. Do not smoke! If you smoke, you already know it’s bad for you. Leaving is not easy, but it is true that if you smoke, it will kill you. You will be nervous going through nicotine withdrawal, but it is better than lung cancer. Some tips to quit smoking … Cut BackIf you ever tried to quit cold turkey and it does not seem to work early, back in the cup. Pay attention to how many cigarettes you smoke each day and begin to reduce that number. If you have a smoker a pack a day, do to treat smoke fifteen cigarettes in the time between waking and sleep. The next day, reduced to ten, then you remove a cigarette or two steps away from daily life every day, until the tray of nicotine dependence well enough to wean your last cigarette and do not dig from the trash an hour later, feeling. Satisfy your oral FixationFor many smokers, it’s something they keep coming back restless. Try chewing on toothpicks, chewing gum or eating sunflower seeds. Cigars and Tobacco PipesChewing you jaw cancer, do not even think about it. Cigars and pipe tobacco, but are much safer. In moderation, they are always a certain risk of developing mouth and throat cancer, but because you can not inhale the smoke, there is little or no risk of developing lung cancer. Do not think it’s a free ticket to smoke, studies have shown that there is a certain risk. If it’s something like eight cigars a day, as bad as smoking two packs of unfiltered smoke every day. Smoking is not recommended at all really, in itself, but if you can not keep your smoking habit, tasting and spitting smoke Kick It Out is a much safer way to fix that nicotine inhaled from tar and the clouds of poison get in your chest. If you can change the cigars are much easier to form than cigarettes less addictive, while continuing to provide a nicotine buzz.

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