The precise Definition of HPV

by Rachel on July 18, 2010

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is one of the diseases most common sexually transmitted diseases. But if (HPV) is widespread and common, it is only recently identified, and little known disease. Although the media and schools to discuss HPV, among other sexually transmitted diseases, further efforts are needed to disseminate comprehensive information about them. Human papillomavirus is a virus known as the disease is caused by a virus, hence the name. You can find more than 200 different strains of human papilloma virus. And like all other tribes, has implications for the human papillomavirus that the skin and mucous membranes. Many of the known strains of HPV have no signs or symptoms in humans. However, unless there is obvious symptoms, because it shows warts, especially the hands and feet. As a sexually transmitted disease, there are thirty strains of HPV that can be spread by sexual contact. By showing the signs, symptoms of HPV as an STD appear as warts on the vaginal area, penis and the area around the anus. can be found in genital warts, genital warts as they are immediately and treatment with drugs known to differ from normal warts. In rare cases, can cause multiple strains of HPV cancer. The precancerous lesions and invasive cancer are the result of infection is as high risk HPV types. If untreated, infection with cervical cancer of the uterus, vagina, vulva, penis and anus progress. At some point in the life of a person sexually active, about 80% of them can be infected by the disease. With this particular form, the infection rate of HPV herpes crawling , gonorrhea and syphilis. Most of these men and women infected have no symptoms and it is very likely that they are unaware they are infected. So give infect higher risk for HIV transmission and others. In one year, the immune system generally able to virus from the body is clear. If a particular virus is removed, the infected person is now free from the strain of HPV. He / she can never be infected by the virus, unless a new strain is reached. It does not take long for the body heal itself. If you think you may have for human papilloma virus that can go to the nearest STD clinic as soon as possible to a survey. Most strains of HPV can be treated and cured easily. Women with an annual Pap smears after their first sexual intercourse for the early detection of cancer of the cervix uterus. For men, routine testing of HPV and other sexually transmitted diseases are also discussed. HPV learn more about this STD, the girl is under investigation. As the disease most common sexually transmitted You should be aware of the problem.

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